Call off the search team!

I’m fine.  If anyone was wondering where I’ve been, no worries:  I’m taking a couple weeks off to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.  My bride and I are in sunny Orlando, where we’re spending an inordinate amount of time sleeping late and over-eating and rubbing elbows with royalty.  (This place is crawling with princesses, by the way – many under the age of five.)

Last night, we had dinner with Cinderella, who was delighted to learn we were celebrating our anniversary.  “How wonderful,” she cooed, as only she can.  “Did you two also meet at a royal ball?”

Anyway, I hope to post more soon.  Meantime, since I’m in an anniversary mood, a little celebratory music, below.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Rudy

    Happy anniversary!

    I met my wife exactly 30 years ago today May, 17. What a coincidence you posted this today. Congratulations, enjoy and be happy!

  • Annie


    You’re certainly getting some perfect weather here right now!

  • AWashingtonDCCatholic

    Happy Anniversary and many, many more!

  • Regina J. Faighes

    Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely bride! I can think of no better way for the two of you to celebrate!

  • Steve P

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And have a wonderful celebration with Mickey and friends.

    Can’t believe you posted that Flintstones clip. I swear I only saw it once as a kid, but that tune has stuck with me for probably 30+ years. Now I know why! : D

  • Dan Dubno

    Lovely way to celebrate! And the Flintstones video you posted is classic.
    So, “Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary!…”

  • JoAnn

    Happy happy happy to you both! And loved the Flintstones clip!

  • pagansister

    Welcome back and am glad you had a fun and relaxing trip. Continued happiness!

  • Mike Hayes

    Congrats to you and Siobbhan…We’re only 16 years behind y’all!

  • naturgesetz

    Although it’s been said many times, many ways,
    Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs K.

  • Mary

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Bob Torrey

    Happy Anniversary!! And enjoy many more years of wedded bliss. It’s a great life!!!

  • wayne

    Congratulations. Blessings to you and family on the 25th. We look forward to your return but you deserve a holiday.