Peru leader credits Blessed John Paul with bin Laden death

From the AP:

Peruvian President Alan Garcia says Pope John Paul II should get credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.

The late pope was beatified on Sunday and Garcia says: “His first miracle was to remove from the world the incarnation of evil, the demonic incarnation of crime and hatred, giving us the news that the person who blew up towers and buildings is no longer.”

Garcia made the comment Monday as he inaugurated a hydroelectric power station.

Garcia also says bin Laden’s death also vindicates President George W. Bush’s decision “to punish Bin Laden and patiently continue this work that has born fruit.”

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19 responses to “Peru leader credits Blessed John Paul with bin Laden death”

  1. I think it is interesting that Osama bin Laden died on the day we in the United States were celebrating the Feast of Divine Mercy, a feast which Pope John Paul II initiated per the revelations of Jesus to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, the Polish saint. It is a Mercy described as an infinite ocean.

    “Today bring to Me all mankind, especially all sinners, and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy. In this way you will console Me in the bitter grief into which the loss of souls plunges Me.”

  2. I thought the same as the post above. I guess you can’t say “I hope he had a last second conversion with perfect contrition and is with God” without being labeled unpatriotic and un-American.

  3. While surely not impossible, it sounds like a stretch to me. And I’m not sure an unsubstantiated statement is newsworthy.

  4. Even though I believe it is a good thing that BinLaden is no longer with us, I don’t believe that the death of someone could be considered a miracle brought about by the intercession of a saint.

  5. Personally I don’t think John Paul had anything to do with the death of bin Laden. The credit is to the men and women who carried out the mission, with the information givien to them by the intelligence agencies of this country and the final approval of President Obama. This day started off well with the good news of binLaden’s death. 10 years is a long time, but finally his body is in the deep ocean, an incredible plan to dispose of his horrible remains.

  6. I have to admit, even though it sounds a bit crazy, that I thought the coincidence of Divine Mercy, the Beatification and Bin Laden were remarkable.

    If there was indeed a miracle here, I’d like to think that it had more to do with the fact that the very risky endeavor occurred with such precision and without the loss of any soldier’s lives.

    JP 2 was an apostle of peace…let’s pray that he can inspire a renewal for the region.

  7. Okay, so I am NOT the only one to have felt “something” about the day and the events.

  8. You all neglected to note that this act was against the rule of law. See Saint Thomas More on this matter. That would be the US constitution. perhaps you should read it.

  9. As a professor of constitutional law, I am interested in how one believes that the killing of an enemy combatant who has declared war on the US and carried out repeated deadly attacks on the US (all of which are violations of the international law of war) and who resists with force an effort to capture him — how all this is a violation of the US Constitution.


    This article is a nonsense.
    Never a saint was canonized for his intercession in the death of another man so evil be it.
    Otherwise this article would mean that the RC Church allows her faithfuls to pray for all evil people’s assassination , that God forbids absolutely.
    One may pray God to solve a delicate or threatening situation but the means God will use for that purpose are not men’s business.

  11. Given John Paul’s well-known devotion to the sanctity of ALL human life and his opposition to violence and the “culture of death”, I seriously doubt he’d want any credit for Bin Laden’s death.

    It’s a sad fact of the fallen state of humanity that people rejoice this way over the death of another human being, no matter how evil the individual might have been, especially so soon after recalling Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross during Holy Week. It seems that one message of Jesus’ Passion still hasn’t sunk in — namely, that He had the power to strike out at His captors and oppressors, but chose restraint over revenge. Remember Jesus’ words to Peter in the Garden — “All those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.”

    It might also be a wise thing to stop gloating over this “triumph”, especially in the news media, once again recalling Jesus’ words from Scripture: “Whoever humbles himself shall be exalted, but whoever exalts himself shall be humbled.”

  12. I find the timing of this event to be an insult to the memory of Blessed Pope John Paul II. Granted that the assualt was scheduled to take place on Saturday and was delayed because of weather, but unless there was evidence that Bin Laden was getting ready to move (doubtful given his multi-year residence in the compound) then the assualt should have been delayed one more day so as not to coincide with the Beatification.

  13. Wow sparks1093, that’s a clever idea, coordinating military actions with the religious beliefs of one particular faith. I’m sure that this would not endanger local Catholics who are constantly the targets of retribution for all the acts of the “crusaders”. Good to know that you are insulted by these brave soldiers risking their lives to protect the US from further acts of terrorism. We should be sure to pass along the news to them.

  14. Sorry Catawaller, I didn’t say that I was insulted, I said that the timing insults the memory of the Blessed Pope John Paul II, who would have wanted this outcome least of all. The sailors on the spot had no choice but to follow their orders and I hold them in high esteem for their service, their bravery, and their sacrifice.

  15. It is generally known in the underground press that bin Laden has been dead for many years.
    Former Pakistani Benazir Bhutto revealed that in an interview with David Frost.
    She was later assassinated herself. (you can google her name for the entire story.)

    Additionally, the myth that Osama bin Laden directed the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon from a cave on 9-11-01 is easily disproven…
    Watch the documentary Loose Change 2nd edition here:

    Conspiracy theory? …not really! Take time to investigate yourself …Skepticism is necessary when searching for truth.

  16. #13: sparks1093: The United States government, it’s military and it’s Commander -in-Chief (The president) is supposed to delay a mission because one of many world religions is honoring a deceased leader????? I don’t think so!! Our country shouldn’t and doesn’t run it’s military operations based on what the Catholic church or any ofher faith is doing. That is as it should be, IMO.

  17. pagansister, the military routinely plans around major religous events when planning major assaults, i.e. not launching an assault during Ramadan (sp?) or even launching assaults on a major event’s anniversary in order to send a message. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable to delay an assault like this for one day especially given the fact that the target has been stationary for 2 to 6 years (depending on which source you believe) and barring evidence that the target was an imminent flight risk.

  18. sparks1093: This mission wasn’t taking place on a routine religious event—ie Ramadon, Christmas, Easter or whatever. The honoring of John Paul II was a one time event—and though ObL might not have been likely to run, why take the chance he might have found out about it and taken off? It’s been 10 years—so the sooner the better in getting him on the date planned—no matter what else might be going on religiously or otherwise. That’s just my opinion.

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