Worth a thousand words

Mel Gibson, photographed a few weeks ago, wearing his scapular.

Story here.

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  1. I actually find the picture sort of a comfort. One thing about the Gibson coverage has bothered me. That he seems all so familar to many of a Catholic I know struggling with their own demons. There is always hope as we see in that pic perhaps. It is a race till the end

  2. My sister met him once, at a bar. He was friendly and they got their picture with him. His scapular, though under his shirt, was sort of falling out (as happens to all of us from time to time) and so is clearly visible in the picture.

    I think I will start praying for Mel Gibson. I’m a recovering alcoholic myself, and I know the spiritual turmoil that can go along with the disease that he seems to be perpetually struggling with. I think he is someone who is truly seeking God, and ultimately it’s in his own brokenness that he will find Him. At least that will be my prayer.

  3. I like the tone of the comments here, we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Only Mel has fallen in front of intense media scrutiny, amplifying each fall. Keep praying for him, God isn’t finished with him yet!

  4. brother jeff says:

    looks like he’s getting some much-needed sun.

  5. Ten years ago, I would have looked at that picture and felt smug. Now, having followed Christ, I look at the picture and see myself.

  6. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    My take:

    This picture should serve as a heartening and hope-filled reminder to all of us sinners: God isn’t finished with us yet. There are a hundred homilies in that one image.

    Dcn. G.

  7. Dcn Scott says:

    Stuart Reid, writing last year in the U.K.’s Catholic Herald said this-Mel Gibson’s “friend the Jesuit scholar William Fulco says that Mel denies neither the Pope nor Vatican II. Mel Gibson is obviously a religious nut, however, and there must have been times when, as a loyal son, he embraced his father’s sedevacantism. It is possible that he remains a sede. But so far as I know he has never questioned, far less rejected, any part of Catholic teaching. That’s more than can be said for a lot of Catholics, including priests and bishops. Surveys show that most Catholics in the comfortable West do not accept the Church’s teaching on (for example) birth control. They don’t just ignore it – the way we all ignore moral teaching from time to time – they believe the Church is in error. So it could be that some of those accusing Gibson of sedecavantism may themselves be heretics, or at the very least recalcitrant dissidents. I am not defending sedevacantism – on the contrary – but I am suggesting that sedes are sometimes more faithful to Church teaching than respectable Catholics in the suburbs.”

  8. diakonos09 says:

    Mel Gibson is a man. A human being like every one of us with the residual wounds of original sin showing up now here, now there. Who can throw the first stone, right? That’s what I like most about this photo. Looks like just a regular guy on his patio, perhaps waking up, and just enjoying a smoke. Let the man be and let’s pray for the grace of that ongoing conversion and growth in Gospel living for oursleves and him as well.

  9. Thanks for publishing!

  10. A religious nut? That unqualified judgment on this man’s mental health and presumably his character should be filed in a place where it belongs.

    Thanks for the post, Deacon. All of the rest of the comments here were heartwarming and charitable.

  11. Diogenes says:

    Mel Gibson may be a God-seeker battling his own demons, but that’s all the more reason not to bash others as “hell-bound sinners,” as he all to easily does without apology. Self-righteousness never accompanies Christlikeness. Humility about oneself and charity towards others do.

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