Corapi "unleashed" — UPDATED

He responds to last weekend’s developments — and  to his critics — right here.

Well.  If we had any doubts, it now seems clear from hearing his latest performance that the Corapi saga has nose-dived into something so pitiful and painful, all we can do is avert our eyes.  It’s not a scandal anymore.  It’s a tragedy masquerading as burlesque, a sideshow growing stranger and freakier and noisier with every passing day.

Enough.  I think it’s time for the circus to move on.  Pray for him.  Pray for his “fans.”  Pray for all those who put their faith in him.

St. Pio, pray for us.

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UPDATED: Late Monday, Corapi’s order issued a formal statement.  Read it here.

And there’s an excellent overview of the story so far by Jimmy Akin that is a must-read. 

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