Stunning: "Korea's Susan Boyle"

This guy showed up on “Korea’s Got Talent” — yes, there really is such a thing — and just blew people away.  It’s not just his singing.  It’s also his story.

Watch Sung-bong Choi, and be amazed and moved.

Footnote: I’m told that the music he is performing was featured in Roland Joffe’s great movie about Jesuits in Latin America,“The Mission.”

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  1. Betty Braun says:

    That was magnificent. Thank you for showing it!

  2. Michael Lee says:

    Yes…he’s singing the main theme piece from “The Mission.” He’s great!

  3. Theinformer says:

    Interesting. I wonder if his story is legit’!

    It’s interesting to see how other cultures act and react. I cannot imagine such a “story” getting much play in America. First of all, most people would be skeptical. You can see how that attractive judge reacts, very Asian, “I just want him to be happy.”

    Similar sentimentality can be seen in European movies etc.

    ………..I’m just saying………

  4. Dcn. Channing Fell says:

    The “human spirit”… God’s creation… is singing!

    Luke 19:
    They proclaimed: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord. 7 Peace in heaven and glory in the highest.”
    Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples.” 8
    He said in reply, “I tell you, if they keep silent, the stones will cry out!”

  5. Thank you for sharing this great performance! It is such a privilege to behold God’s gift in a person’s voice.

  6. Either way. Let’s pray for him. Devine Providence will do the rest. God Bless him and the people of Korea.

  7. To think of the hand he had been dealt in life… I was so moved by his hardship and resilience. God knew his shoulders were strong enough to bare a cross that would have crushed most everyone else. Amazing.

  8. What beauty is hidden in the souls of the poor and suffering, if only we had eyes to see, ears to hear.

  9. Jeanette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. This boy touched my heart and soul with his voice. His story makes us realize how fortunate some of us have been. He will be an inspiration to thousands of people young and old. What a blessing.

  10. oldestof9 says:

    Off topic…

    By the way, to day is Deacon Gregs Birthday…

  11. Peaceable60 says:

    Another triumph for the human spirit! You can hurt it and neglect it, but you can’t kill it. Praise God for this dear young man. May he succeed and do great things.

  12. Nella Fantasia lyrics (sung by Andrea Boccelli / Sarah Brightman, et al) (translated from Italian)

    In my fantasy I see a just world
    Where everyone lives in peace and honesty
    I dream of a place to live that is always free
    Like a cloud that floats
    Full of humanity in the depths of the soul

  13. Thanks for bringing this video to our attention. This young man is an icon for the Korean culture, good and bad, because of what he has been through. I love his humility and passion. If it were not for competitions like these, people like Choi Sung-bong would not have such a great opportunity. He will never forget where he came from, no matter how high he rises. He is a sign of God’s blessings in so many ways.

  14. Rev do Mons Reno Liegghio says:

    How beautiful a voice this young man has.
    A truly gifted child of Our Lord God.

  15. To the Informer (7 June @ 7:51): Why are you so skeptical about his story and why so judgemental regarding Asian and European cultures (about which you most probably know very little)? I’m just saying…

  16. This young man has a truly remarkable voice.

    But this video points out what I dislike so much about shows like American Idol and that whole pervasive genre. The scripting and the set-up of his story to emotionally manipulate the audience. Does anyone really think the judges didn’t know his ‘story’ beforehand, even though they act so ‘amazed’? It tends to make me skeptical and wonder what else may not be quite what it appears to be. Also, why the emphasis on this fellow saying he doesn’t sing very well – he just enjoys it – then immediately belting out this beautiful voice if it’s not more manipulation of the audience.

    I prefer my fictional entertainment be labeled as such. All this reality TV that is actually scripted is a real turn-off to me. Sorry for the rant – it’s a pet peeve of mine.

  17. Kypapist says:

    This was very similar to Paul Potts who was on the Britain’s Got Talent show in 2007. He was a car phone salesman who “wanted to sing opera” which he did very well and even got a big smile from Simon Cowell. Paul went on to win the show and is still singing. Watch the first round when Paul Potts sings Nesun Dorma and watch the judges first reaction to him and then the judges/audience reaction when he starts to sing. It is very wonderful. God truly blesses some people with great talent and blesses the rest of us with the opportunity to hear them!

  18. It is rare we get such a glimpse of hope in our fast paced world. May he be given the dignity he deserves as a human being.

    Wonderful, wonderful story of real hope, he is a gift to this world, thank you.

  19. The Informer says:


    I’m skeptical because it sounds uh……deserving of skepticism. Does that help you? And please tell me, what do I know about Asian and European cultures?

    oh…..and did you have a point in there somewhere?

  20. That was amazing! Let’s hear if for orphans. this is almost out of a dickens novel.

  21. Gina Nakagawa says:

    Informer, I empathize with your skepticism. However, there are many stories like this young man’s in Asia and elsewhere. We are a very privileged society. We do not count our blessings. Whether true or untrue, his story has credence, and his voice is a treasure given by God. Let’s just share the beauty and leave the judgment to the Almighty who knows the secrets of all our hearts.

  22. pagansister says:

    WOW! An incredible young man in more than one catagory.

  23. Bernadette Harris says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. You are and continue to be a Gift from Heaven. God gave you that wonderful voice and you are using it to touch peoples hearts and souls. You were never alone for He was always with you! People done know how hard things can be for some people in the world but you have showed us all to be more grateful and thankful for all the blessing we have been given. Thank you again! I pray you will keep on singing as its a fantastic gift.

  24. Catherine Jones says:

    To everyone out there, this boy has a gift from God, whether you want to believe his story or not God has given him a gift. Thank you for sharing. We should pray for him to get to the finals in this contest.

  25. Sung-bong Choi is right in saying he is not a good singer — he has a beautiful instrument and just needs some instruction to learn how to play it to its full potential. I’m so glad one of the judges offered to help him since he has the potential to become a very great singer. He already has the heart and soul (which cannot be taught) — just needs to refine his technique.

    I agree with momor — I resent the emotional manipulation. I don’t need producers/writers/directors (of any form of entertainment) telling me how to feel. My heart is perfectly capable of understanding the tragedy of this young man’s life. The emotional manipulation just cheapens it.

  26. Simply Loved it. He has found a new life for sure. Everyone has a magical gift. Just look deep into their eyes.


  28. His story of extreme poverty fits very well into what I read about the street orphans in Korea. Impoverished parents send their children out into the streets to fend for themselves at a very young age. Some are forced to live among rats that are as big as cats, according to what I have read.

  29. Regarding skepticism….

    I am Korean and, while moved by this video, skeptical as well. Maybe not to the degree of believing that this is completely contrived, but I do suspect that there is manipulation and embellishment, at minimum. It wouldn’t be the first of such a scandal. If it was made up, then shame on the producers. If true story, pretty incredible.

    For the vocal experts out there; is this possible without any formal training?

  30. What a wonderful spirit to have fought all these years to stay alive. God gave him an instrument…………….let us hope it brings him peace and joy!

  31. Geez !!! What a voice !!! Could this be true?

  32. hope he wins or won, would love to knnow

    for a young man of 22 he has a future ahead of him,
    just like Josh…!!!!!!!!!!

  33. We had the same case on “Thailand’s Got Talent” – this upcountry girl who had a really good voice and could sing Jennifer Hudson’s song from Dreamgirls really beautifully.

    This was the first season in Thailand and all the contestant’s “tragic” life story was played up. Rural girl who had an awesome “black woman’s” voice – said she never got any training but actually was on television before and competed in other competitions. Handicapped man playing the guitar, transexual group wanting to be accepted and the list goes on.

    If they have talent, people will accept them for it. Does not need to play up on history and life story which will emotionally sway the audience even if they might not be just that good.

    This Korean guy was awesome but I feel that it might be part of the “… Got Talent” show properties that require each country to play up the unnecessary life story of each person just to get audience to follow. Not the guys’s fault. Just the marketing strategy of the show.

  34. I just know that I was Blessed by this Young man’s singing….I don’t care about all that other stuff….I wish the Best for Him…

  35. What a treat, it shows that talent is all over the world. I wish him luck.

  36. Steve Crawford says:

    He seems to have followed a day by day style, that should continue as his safeguard.

  37. I didn’t understand what he was singing but I cried too. Wonder if it was the music or his life story that elicited tears. Would have been better if we could hear the story after, not before. That way we could separate the effects.

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