Want a good cry?

This should do it.  Girl gets big surprise at college graduation: her Marine brother, whom she thought was in Afghanistan.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Thank that young man for his service to our country! And to all the other young men and women who have served and are serving — Thank you!

  2. Jim Dotter says:

    Semper Fidelis! Non sibi, sed patriae!

    I’m sure most know the first statement.

    The second is emblazoned on the main doors to the Naval Academy Chapel and translates to: Not for self, but for country.

  3. Julienne says:

    I saw this http://www.babble.com/kid/kid-activities/army-families-children-of-military-dads-coming-home-from-war-youtube-videos/ posted this morning and I had a good cry already so the video above did it for me again this afternoon! I pray for all our soldiers abroad; Keep them in your hands Lord!

  4. pagansister says:

    It worked—tears welled up for sure. Hopefully more and more situations like this will happen soon.

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