Fr. William Doyle's prayer for priests: "I am no longer myself, I am Jesus crucified…"

A reader posted this in the comments, and I thought it too good not to share.

It’s a prayer for priests by Fr. Willie Doyle, heroic priest of World War I:

O my God, pour out in abundance Thy spirit of sacrifice upon Thy priests. It is both their glory and their duty to become victims, to be burnt up for souls, to live without ordinary joys, to be often the objects of distrust, injustice, and persecution.

The words they say every day at the altar, “This is my Body, this is my Blood,” grant them to apply to themselves: “I am no longer myself, I am Jesus, Jesus crucified. I am, like the bread and wine, a substance no longer itself, but by consecration another.”

O my God, I burn with desire for the sanctification of Thy priests. I wish all the priestly hands which touch Thee were hands whose touch is gentle and pleasing to Thee, that all the mouths uttering such sublime words at the altar should never descend to speaking trivialities.

Let priests in all their person stay at the level of their lofty functions, let every man find them simple and great, like the Holy Eucharist, accessible to all yet above the rest of men. O my God, grant them to carry with them from the Mass of today, a thirst for the Mass of tomorrow, and grant them, ladened themselves with gifts, to share these abundantly with their fellow men. Amen.


  1. Thanks for posting this.

    Those who want to know more about Fr Doyle (whose heroic life and death closely resembles that of the American priests Fr Kapaun and Fr Capodanno) can read more at or alternatively find reprinted copies of the original 1920′s biography here:

    This is a classic book, part treatise on spirituality, part adventure story, with copious quotations from Fr Doyle’s spiritual diary and his letters home from the war describing his exploits in ministering to soldiers.

    (I am not associated with the sale of this book financially or otherwise, my aim aim is to make Fr Willie Doyle better known.)

  2. joan chakonas says:

    here’s a priest, a real priest. love this.

  3. Wonderful prayer! I read Fr. Willie Doyle’s biography, Merry in God, and loved it!

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