He's baaaaack…

The notorious Catholic priest who had a very public affair, caused a scandal, and subsequently joined the Episcopalians is about to launch his own TV show.


Just weeks ago Oprah Winfrey stepped down from her 25-year-run as the ultimate talk show star. Now some are hailing a former Roman Catholic priest as the one to fill the void.

Father Alberto Cutié hit headlines in 2009 when he was photographed cavorting with a woman on a Miami beach. He soon left the Roman Catholic Church in the name of pursuing the woman he loved, but wished to continue serving God as a married man.

The following year, Father Alberto was received as an Episcopal priest. Now the 42-year-old family man is getting ready to help Americans, from all walks of life, solve an array of jaw-dropping personal problems in a daily single-topic talk show “Father Albert.”

“My personal dilemma was so publicized … people are now coming on this show to really talk about their deepest dilemmas and struggles,” Father Albert told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “That’s what the show is really about, people coming to address issues – almost anything that has to do with relationships, family, issues that people usually don’t want to talk about or deal with in a different place. These are all issues we see on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and other shows, but certainly from a different perspective. You’re coming to speak to a priest, someone coming from a point of compassion and understanding.”

Father Albert hopes to combine his television commitments with his Sunday sermons.

“I always say that I’m not a TV priest, I’m a priest that works in TV. My real passion is my work in the church, my preaching and guiding people,” he said. “My parish work is essential to my life, to my spirituality, and who I am as a person.”

Read more. Promos for his show indicate that the first episode will address the scandal of his own life, which resulted in him leaving the Catholic Church.

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30 responses to “He's baaaaack…”

  1. Maybe he will be able to tend some of the flock left shepardless by the departure of another high profile TV personality & disgraced ex-priest John Corapi? Nature abhors a vacuum, you know.

  2. God have mercy on us all… Is he kidding? I bear Fr. Albert no ill will, but sweet Lord, what is this about?

    If I am to understand the timeline and events correctly, he got caught with his then-girlfriend on the beach. He apologized and was removed from his parish. (To great fanfare I recall – take note cult of personality issues with priests and others is dangerous.) Then he was going to work things out with his Archbishop and went into some retreat mode.

    A couple of weeks later, Fr. Albert appears on the steps of the Episcopal cathedral, with the Episcopal bishop and announces that he will become part of TEC.

    He then writes hand-wringing autobiography, justifying his actions and taking to task the very church he only weeks early was admonishing people to follow.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

    I guess my persistent question is this – if he had not been caught, what then?

    I doubt that he would be an Episcopal priest, have written the book he did or would be launching a new TV program. (Of course he would have written other books, wagging his finger at many no doubt, and carried on his other TV activities.)

    Nothing personal Father, but please, have some dignity.

    And I am not even what would be remotely called a conservative Catholic, so you can’t blame me for going all doctrinal. I just have issues with the kind of behavior that he has exhibited.

    One last thing – Fr. Albert seems to be pretty normal, albeit perhaps a touch self-absorbed. Compared to, with all due respect, Father Corapi, he is the very picture of well balanced.

    I will pray for them both and will stand to be corrected if I am incorrect. I also pray for all the priests who toil in anonymity and I do mean toil, while this kind of thing gets accolades.

  3. I feel sorry for the man…not condoning, just “sorry”. Isn’t it possible to go through the right channels, get laicized, then marry, etc? OR is this a much more difficult process these days? I had heard somehwere that either Bl JPI or B16 had made the process way more difficult but I am not sure if that’s fact. Either way, how can you be all for the RC Church one day and then turn around and speak the opposite?

  4. “Father Corapi, he is the very picture of well balanced.”

    William James, of course, wasn’t the only one to point out that a “well-balanced frame of mind” was not necessarily the most spiritually fruitful frame of mind.

    This is not a comment on Corapi, but a caution about conflating the typical impression of “well-balanced” as being the same thing as “saintly.”

    Flannery O’Connor also comes to mind!

  5. How can a Catholic priest, move on so fast in an heretic church like TEC. This is le last Church I’LL go if I ever leave RCC which I will never do, so help me God! With Homo and lesbians bishops, this Church was build by an English King, Henry V111 a cruel and adultery man.

  6. Sorry if I went to far! But if you go deep in scripture and read the Early Church Fathers, can TEC can be seen as a Catholic Church as they claim? I don’t think so. May be heretic is to strong, but just take a look of Ex RCC priests that lefted for that side of Tber!!!

  7. so- according to him- these things are not important: tradition (big T and little t), order of sacraments, chastity, avoiding public scandal, no remarriage (girlfriend was married before)…etc, etc…yes- seems like a good candidate for Hollywood

  8. If you read his book you will see that he *claims* that he had been moving in the Episcopal direction (quietly) for a year or so.

    Hadn’t even gone to the RC Chrism Mass the Holy Thursday before all this broke -but went to the Episcopal one instead.

    Doesn’t make it better – just not as sudden as it appeared.

  9. For the record, I have many friends in The Episcopal Church and do not have issues with it in general. I guess what I am saying is that I do not use words like heretic lightly. While Francois seems to want to clarify in his second comment, I am not in agreement.

    In fact, I know many Episcopalians who were less than thrilled with the rapidity of Father Albert’s change of heart and his elevation to priesthood so quickly. For good or ill, TEC does ordain women, but if everyone were honest, it would be said that women do not have an easy time in that process, as I understand it via friends.

    No church is perfect because we are the assembly, the people of God and only God is God. I need to remember that more when I get so enervated in the comments.

  10. I can’t stand daytime talk/confessional/psychobabble TV to begin with, but this one sounds even more repulsive: A fallen priest with the name of Cutie…lol. If I were forced to watch ten minutes of this crap, I think I would vomit.

  11. I hope this now Episcopal priest will not be lecturing us on topics such as keeping your word and loyalty.
    There was a time when people were expected to live up to the motto “A man’s word is his bond.” And if he didn’t live up to his word he was treated by virtually everyone as someone who be shunned as if he had moral leprosy.
    But now such people give millions of people advice as they rake in millions of dollars.
    Of course, the comeback is that the Church should never require that anyone give their word in a vow or pledge. How unfair to put that in the way of what a person (a spoiled brat???) desires or wants.
    Noone should have to exercise self-control and keep his word. How archaic!!! Desires, wants, lusts are what should rule is the modern American amoral attitude.

  12. Somehow I think the general public is not going to be terribly scandalized by all this. No, I’m not saying that a priest (even a priest who feels he is on the verge of leaving the RC priesthood) should begin a romantic relationship with a woman PRIOR to actually leaving the priesthood.

    However, when you weigh his actions and choices against so many other people who have caused scandal within the church — those who have (for instance) raped children and/or conspired to cover-up the abuse of children by others — Cutie’s decision to pursue a love affair (and eventual marriage) with a grown woman in a fully consenting relationship…well, that’s not going to strike most folks as a terrible, horrible, incomprehensible thing.

    And maybe his life is about more than just that one event. Maybe he still loves Jesus a great deal. Maybe he is good at turning the other cheek and serving the needs of the poor and outcast. Perhaps he has a wonderful listening ear for the sick and the dying. Could be he is a better Christian than many of the rest of us, myself included.

  13. I’m working on a TV show called American Scandal. My go-fers are contacting Fr Albert and Corapi, Schwarzenegger, Casey Anthony, Weiner, Senators Craig and Ensign. Each one will explain their rationale to a panel of suburban house wives for a final vote on who is most in denial.
    Winner gets interviewed on Oprah’s new network show.

  14. Why not? He may help someone and he may not, but could be interesting. There have been lots of religious sorts on TV, some Catholic and some not, he will be just another one.

  15. Deacon Kandra: Unfortunately I wasn’t on early enough to comment on the death of Betty Ford. Yes, I realize this is the wrong place, as the other is closed to comments. But may I please say that I admired her for her courage, strength and honesty. She contributed to this world in a way that up until that time, no First Lady had. Sorry I missed the first article you posted. Obviously you can do with this comment as you wish, but I needed to express my feelings. Thank you.

  16. I, too, am not a fan of these kinds of programs. I don’t know this man and hadn’t heard of him before his private life was exposed. But it seems to me that he was not abusing anyone, he just happened to fall in love. However one wants to view how he handled things concerning this is up to them, I’ll just wish him well.

  17. i agree with Steve and John David, he has moved on in his life and i would give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to do his best. good grief, it is just a talk show and if one has problems with him just change the station!

  18. Who knows God’s plans? Perhaps there is someone out there that God wants but who wouldn’t listen to a Catholic priest but might to an Episcopalian one.

    At the same time I also appreciate a man that keeps his promises. Just as I dislike Fr. Jumping to the Episcopal Church, I have sever reservations about Episcopal priests jumping the the Roman Church.

    God writes straight with crooked lines.


    Mike L

  19. “We’re so sorry, Father Albert,
    “But we haven’t watched your bloody show all day…”

  20. We can see in comments here why our culture is crumbling ethically. There certainly are a long list of varying excuses people gave to whitewash a person for trashing his freely given word. Maybe that is why marriage is in such trouble–people trash their marriage vows willy-nilly also. Noone seems to want to make people work at fulfilling their vows and pledges–just make excuses for them.
    But one purpose of vows and pledges that are expected to be kept is that –if taken honestly and sincerely–is to put pressure on the vow-taker to work assiduously at keeping his vows.
    All the excuse making poisons the ethical cultural atmosphere virtually encouraging people who are going through a rough period in their marriage or priesthood to say: “Oh, the Hell with it! Noone really cares if I keep my word. They’ll all make excuses for me too, so I’m out of here.”
    In short, excuse promoters are enablers of the worst sort.
    As for those filthy priests sucking the smoke of Satan into the Church—noone is leading a cheering section of excuses for their morally corrupt acts the way they are for people trashing their word. In fact, if these bad priests had taken their given word seriously instead of as a joke, we might not have had the scandals we are suffering through.

  21. With all these priest breaking their vows, does this mean that in September when I place my hand in my Bishop’s hands I can cross my fingers as I make my promises to him?

  22. Fran (#9), I totally disagree with you that “No church is perfect.” The Catholic Church is perfect, as it is nothing more, nothing less, than the full teachings of Jesus Christ, subsequently, Christ IS the Catholic Church.

    Now as far as it’s members, well, that’s a totally different story, as we are all far from perfect. Regardless, our imperfections have nothing to do with the Truth/Church of Jesus Christ. Even if not a soul believed or lived the teachings of the CC, the teachings and the Chruch per se can never be anything but perfect.

    As for Father Cutie, I will keep him in my prayers too, as I do all priests. I especially pray that the show doesn’t cause more scandal.

    For any “uncatechized”, I doubt there was ever a more “confusing” time in Catholic History than now.

  23. Fran #25 – Yeah, you know who I am and the Icons are beautifully displayed across our bedroom wall along with a couple of others. Thanks to both you and your wonderful husband.

    I do not know what God’s plans are except perhaps in my conscience. He does seem to have given me the gift, or perhaps curse, of seeing situations from several sides. And when I get really upset someone like you comes along and says something that I realize is God saying “Stop jumping up and down, I know what I am doing, be at peace, do not be afraid.”

    Thank you Fran, and I hope others hear those words too.


    Mike L

  24. I’ve heard this guy interviewed and skimmed his memoirs. He impresses me as an exceedingly nice guy, but not an exceedingly deep thinker. He should go far.

  25. Yes he should go far! using the internet lingo LOL. I agree a narcissistic personality, shallow thought, good looking fellow (Cutie does not mean cute!). He is now defending same sex marriage, abortion choice, etc. He went from golden Catholic boy to golden Episcopal boy. I think he is exactly where he fits the most properly now. He has chosen the politically and popularly most expedient way to be appreciated by our current cultural climate. Buena suerte padre, pero gran pensador, usted no es.

    Amore y Paz

  26. This incident brings to light an issue that those in high places are avoiding. I speak of course of the promise of celibacy and the ordination of unmarried men only. The exception being male clergy of other denominations who convert to catholicism. These men journey through a formation toward ordination in the catholic church. It seems for some ordination is to the diaconate as a permanent ministry, and for others priesthood may be open.

    You might recall the revelation that occurred around the time of the fall of the “wall”, the break up of the former Soviet Union, and so forth. The revelation involved ordinations that occurred in those communist nations that took place under clandestine circumstances. ( some involved ….. God forbid…. women). Those married and ordained men were allowed to function as priests but only in the churches of the East. Those married and ordained men who functioned in the west were allowed to function only as deacons in that permanent ministry. Now I use the word “function” because we know ordination confers a characteristic that involves a change in “who you are”. Once ordained, a deacon “is” a deacon, a priest “is “a priest. Function flows from who one “is”.

    So we have people who risked martyrdom both in the conferring and the receiving Holy Orders!

    Yet there is a pure stubbornness in clinging to a concept which has become a canon. And I would add despite Sacred Scripture to the contrary!
    * see the First letter of Paul to Timothy ref. qualifications of bishops/ qualifications of deacons

    This refusal continues despite the reality of so many places going without the Grace offered through Eucharist due to a lacl of priests.


    I do not know the priests whom we are discussing. His motivations remain within his own conscience. Yet the media will report on the events of his life.

    But the issue of so many without the Grace of Eucharist remains…… even while some are correcting (sic) a missal that we’ve been using for decades.

    Prayers are needed!

  27. If priests were allowed to marry, we would still have a fine priest within the Roman Catholic Church.

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