"I want you to live in this circle…"

Below, a gorgeously produced video celebrating one of my favorite places, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia.

This holy corner of the world played a significant role in my own vocation journey, and I have many warm memories of prayers chanted, friendships forged and silences embraced in the walls of that sacred place.  Seeing this, I’m reminded that I’m long overdue for a return visit.  (And I’m delighted to see Deacon Dorner pop up!)  H/T On This Rock

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6 responses to “"I want you to live in this circle…"”

  1. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is one of my favorite places to visit – the peace and spirit renews my soul. I also have many happy and glorious memories of retreats, chanting and prayerful meditation. I still miss the peacocks, though. 🙂

    Since the loss of my beloved husband, the Monastery and the monks have also been a place of solace for me where I can quietly “live” within God’s Holy Spirit and heal my shattered heart. I was blessed to be visiting on April 30 and so was able to attend the ordination of one of the monks to the priesthood. What a profound and beautiful event!

  2. Thank you for posting this beautiful video. I also have special memories from having visited the monastery through the years for special retreats.

    Many people from all denominations have been blessed at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers. The sound of the monks singing the Psalms – Oh so beautiful. The preaching is also wonderful too. The Abby sanctuary, the simple architecture made year by year by hand, the windows and light, the grounds, the bonsai collection and bookstore as well as fruitcakes and fudge are also delightful. The website is full of delights. A few years ago, the Monastery sponsored a group of artists to work there and the results were amazing.

    May the Lord bless and keep these men and their ministry.

  3. Last Summer I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful quiet place. One of Gods jewels. An afternoon that I will never forget. The bonsai’s were very interesting as was the goose that wandered the grounds. Had to keep a watchful eye in him! The monks graciously asked if I had any special prayer request. God bless them all.

  4. Ordained in October 1992, Diocese of Charleston, retreat was there prior to Ordination. Hold many fond memories from there. In fact, my second Pastor after Ordination, Fr. Howard (Bud) Coughlin, was one of the original monks sent from Gethsemane to start Holy Spirit. A Holy man and place. God Bless.

  5. Thank you Deacon Greg for this post. I travel to Spencer, Mass. each year for a few day retreat at St. Joseph’s Abbey (Trappist). It is a place where I can really find the solitude necessary to re-charge the batteries.

    I will have to visit this beautiful monastery of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless!

    PEACE & regards,
    Deacon Brian

  6. My diaconate class did our pre-ordination retreat at this Monastery. It was a very moving experience. The unique perspective of the monks moves one to rethink & reevaluate one’s own outlook on life.

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