iBreviary, over easy

A priest friend posted this image on his Facebook page, from the good folks who produce the invaluable (but, evidently, spelling-challenged) iBreviary:

  • http://stfrancesxcabrinichurch.org Deak Pete

    Shell of a mistake to make!

  • oldestof9

    I am in charge of the altar servers at my parish and I get ALTER servers all the time.

    Peace to all

  • RomCath

    looks like they have egg on their face!

  • Betsy

    My yolk is over-easy and my toast is light.

  • oldestof9



  • richard kuebbing

    If you like this, go here http://www.worldwidewords.org and look for weekly item “Sic” – p.s. I sent them a link to this page – at work we call this revenge of the spell checker – which I wish this comment box had

  • B

    No joke, when I was younger I never understand what it meant to be “unevenly yolked” ;)

    Also? “Alzheimer” was “oldtimer’s.” *shame* :(

  • Pedro

    If this is our only problem, we don’t have any problems!

  • momor

    Your pun popped into my head during the Gospel. Had to hide my snicker.

  • jkm

    Betsy, this is the 18th anniversary of my father’s passing. He was the King of Groaner Puns, and if he did not directly inspire your priceless gem, he certainly nudged me in its direction. A toast to you–no yolk!

  • http://www.gerardnadal.com Gerard Nadal

    A new theology in response to the hard-boiled old guard, perhaps?

  • http://themightyambivalentcatholic.blogspot.com Steve

    Ah, isn’t that what the Lord said when he cooked breakfast for the apostles in John 21?

    One of the apostles was helping Him, I believe, and asked him how he’d like his eggs. Just MAYBE the the Lord said, “My yolk is easy. And go easy on the pepper, will you?”

  • cathyf

    How about, “My yolk is easy and keep the pepper light…”