"Stop forwarding that crap to me"

One of the great poets of our age, Mr. “Weird” Al Yankovic, speaks for us all.

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  1. I love it!

    But I’m torn – there are so many people I wish could see this who do exactly what’s described, but if I forward it to anyone I am becoming that which I criticize.

    What to do…?

    But I still love it :)

    God bless

  2. If only there was a way to make that play on every computer in the world at last once a day! I suspect that we know who Weird Al is makes us dinosaurs. lol

  3. Well, Al didn’t ask for an amen, but I think I’m gonna give him one anyway.

  4. I love it as well – and in future it will have to be exceptional before I “forward that crap” to anyone.
    You may consider me reformed, thanks to Al!
    (and the Deacon)

  5. roflmao – very good – great production values – in its honor I posted a link to this page on Facebook! :-)

  6. ESPECIALLY heart-rending PowerPoints that I seldom have the time and patience to endure!

  7. Love it, love it, love this video! I am sooooooooooooooooo sick of people sending me chain e-mails, especially “Christian” ones that state if I don’t forward to 12 friends – something bad will happen – have never forwarded one of them!

  8. Chris Moakley says:

    Perfect timing – just received some “chain” Emails form my friend that foretold of great loss if I didn’t send it on to twenty friends within 48 hours. This is what I should send to him!

    Thanks for the levity.

  9. Video rating:

    Concept: A;
    Language: D.

  10. I’m particularly miffed by the photos of the troops in Iraq/Afghanistan depicting the deprivations of military life. No, as I was an infantry grunt back in ’71, I have no idea how tough they have it . . .

  11. DcnDon,

    I had the same thought, that’s why I’ll post it on my Facebook page (though Facebook needs it’s own version imo).

  12. Max Lindenman says:

    But,,,but…I AM that crap! Hub rachmones, Al!

  13. Great! love the tune, and great criticism. I think I’ll forward this c…. to a few friends.

  14. For Pete’s sake people why don’t you just use the delete key or better yet, the block feature?

  15. Jim Dotter says:


    What? You expect people to be responsible for their own lives? How dare you? We obviously need a government agency to police this stuff for us! The Department of Spam (spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam).

    Have a wonderful day, and don’t delete me! ;-)

  16. Jim Dotter says:

    To go on the B-side of “Eat it”:

    “Jimmy Dean” with the refrain “Jimmy Dean is not my sausage…”

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