The dance of life

As a July 4th prelude, how about a little George M. Cohan?

These two cats weren’t exactly in their prime when they did this, but you’d never know it.  (Bob Hope was 52, James Cagney 56.)  Here’s an exuberant celebration of talent, tenacity, and pure terpsichorean joy.  It’s a reminder that, in the great dance of life, we’re all ageless.

Here’s Mr. Hope and Mr. Cagney (reprising his iconic role as Cohan that he danced to a fare-thee-well in “Yankee Doodle Dandy” over a decade earlier) in “The Seven Little Foys” (1955).  Enjoy.  I sure did.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Barbara

    Thanks, Deacon Greg! Love, love, love it!

  • Joe

    Thanks — just a factoid – its been said that James Cagney was the only star in Hollywood in his time that starred in every genre of film of the day.

  • momor

    I had no idea those two were so talented at dancing and Hope was no spring chicken by then either. The way Cagney was so stiff and kind of spastic in his mannerisms I would never have believed he could move like that unless I saw it! Thanks.

  • pagansister

    Fantastic! Those 2 were definitely class acts.