Comments are back

For now, at least.

I’m planning to moderate comments, to cut down on trolls, elves, dweebs, lurkers, bigots, crybabies, bullies, idiots, pigs, cretins and thugs.

If you are one of those, kindly leave.  An usher will escort you out the side door.

If not, take a moment to read over the guidelines for comments.

Going forward, there is a zero tolerance policy for any comments that I find remotely offensive, for any reason at all.  My house, my rules.  I’m not in a mood to tolerate people who decide to call me or others — as one commenter did — quote, “a transsexual’s bowel movement,” unquote.  Seriously.   One strike, you’re out.

Life is too short, I’m a busy man, and my patience is running on empty.

Two words of advice: play nicely.

Be sane.  Be sensible.  Or be gone.


  1. deaconnorb says:


    I remember her. We called her “Sister Mary Grapefruit.” She was old and yellow and wrinkled and sour.

    Greg: Thank you for resurrecting her !

  2. pagansister says:

    Am glad that comments are back, Deacon. Missed being able to interact with folks. I will try to “behave” myself. :)

  3. peregrinus says:

    Are hobbits and wizards still allowed to post?

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