Gov. Rick Perry: "We give it all to You…"

If anyone missed it…below is a minute or so from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer at “The Response” rally yesterday in Houston.

Is this the next President of the United States?

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5 responses to “Gov. Rick Perry: "We give it all to You…"”

  1. Yesterday I heard a CNN commentator remark–in a decidedly suspicious tone of voice–that many people were understandably suspicous of Governor Perry for “mixing religion and politics.” In a NYTimes op-ed, Paul Horwitz argues that the problem with the rally was not just mixing the two but mixing them in such a way as to be divisive:

    Horwitz’s point is well made, yet I think that some of our elite opinion-makers today regard any public invocation of religious faith as divisive–with the possible exception of statements that begin with words like “I’m a practicing Catholic myself, BUT . . . ” and go on to take issue with unpopular Christian moral convictions.

  2. Politics aside. It is refreshing to see a leader, any leader, pray in a public setting asking God for guidance.

  3. The media was determined this would be an attendance dud. All the pre-prayer stories I saw predicted there would be as few as 6 thousand there in an arena that apparently holds 40,000 people. And they then used their fortune-telling incompetence to attack Gov. Perry as incompetent or off-the-wall.
    Even when 40,000 or more showed up according to many estimates, some of the media claimed half that amount. Well, all the seats appeared full–and then some more were in the aisles- in the videos I saw.
    In addition, there were about 50 anti-prayer meeting protestors outside. Guess who got the big play in some media stories.

  4. Is this the next president of the USA? Personally, I wouldn’t be voting for him if he was the candidate for his party.

  5. I don’t think we could do worse than we are doing now with any candidate. I would even vote for Hilary Clinton if it came to that. But one thing is certain, I will not vote for Barack Obama. While he focuses on his radical liberal social agenda, the country is drifting leaderless and sinking into an economic disaster that makes Jimmy Carter look like a first rate economist.

    As for Perry, I voted for him for Governor of Texas when I lived down in the Lone Star State. I probably would vote for him in a national election.

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