Looking for a joke for this Sunday's homily?

A reader from the U.K. left this comment on another post:

Anglican priest to his wife who’d just spent a fortune on a dress – ”Why did you spend so much, I’ve told you that whenever you feel tempted you should say “Get behind me Satan” “I did” said his wife. “What happened then?” said the priest, “He told me it looked lovely from the back.”


  1. Deacon Jeremy says:

    Thanks Deacon Greg – I still have two homilies to go and I’m stealing that one! Borrowing, I meant.

  2. As my dad says, “plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery!” LOL :-)

  3. Deacon Garth says:

    Greg, take this as a little payback for the times you’ve saved me with homily ideas! My prayers are with you.

  4. 4 trumpet players are in a mini van. The mini van goes off a cliff. What’s the tragedy in this?You can fit 8 trumpet players in a mini van.

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