The pope and the deacon

Below, a shot some may have overlooked from the World Youth Day festivities last week.

Pope Benedict, speaking at the monastery of San Lorenzo de el Escorial  — alongside an image of the great deacon martyr (complete with his dalmatic, ‘natch!).  You can find the text of his address here.

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  1. I have been to El Escorial, twice – so I enjoyed reading about the Pope’s visit and imagining having been there.

  2. According to tradition deacon Saint Lawrence was born in Spain. There is a legend that he either took or sent the Holy Grail (the cup the Lord used in the Last Supper) to Spain during the persecution that won him the palm of Martyrdom.

    El Escorial is the pinnacle of Catholic Spain, of a Golden Age when Charles V and Phillip II could boast that the sun never set in their dominions. How time change.

  3. Fr Francis says:

    Makes sense that he was born in Spain. The Grail is another matter, how many stories do we have of that. And being a deacon here is irrelevant.

  4. Deacon Bill says:

    Fr Francis,

    “Irrelevant”? How?

    If there was a portrait of priest-saint or a lay-saint, would you assert that “being a priest here is irrelevant”, or, “being a lay person here is irrelevant”?

    God bless,

    Deacon Bill

  5. Deacon Ron says:

    You bet he would not

  6. Southern Deacon says:

    Dc. Bill, better not mention St./Pope Gregory the Great then either!!!!

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