Vatican message to Muslims: "We are spiritually very close to you…"

The traditional message for the conclusion of Ramadan this year includes a plea for peace and an end to fanatacism.


Christians and Muslims, beyond their differences, recognise the dignity of the human person endowed with both rights and duties. They think that intelligence and freedom are indeed gifts which must impel believers to recognize these values which are shared because they rest on the same human nature.

This is why the transmission of such human and moral values to theyounger generations constitutes a common concern. It is our duty to help them discover that there is both good and evil, that conscience is a sanctuary to berespected, and that cultivating the spiritual dimension makes us more responsible, more supportive, more available for the common good.

Christians and Muslims are too often witnesses to the violation of the sacred, of the mistrust of which those who call themselves believers are the target. We cannot but denounce all forms of fanaticism and intimidation, the prejudices and the polemics, as well as the discrimination of which, at times, believers are the object both in the social and political life as well as in the mass media. We are spiritually very close to you, dear Friends, asking God to give you renewed spiritual energy and we send you our very best wishes for peace and happiness.

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  1. Efforts to foment peace and coexistence with Islam and other religions are commendable. We want to live in peace and free from hate and violence.

    We are very close to Muslims in our ethical and moral principles and we share common fathers and prophets like Abraham and Moses (shared with our elder brethren the Jews). We also share devotion and respect to Mary.

    Unfortunately disputes between members of the same family can be bitter. Islam does not share our western heritage that puts a premium on the dignity of the person and in many aspects Islam still follows an earlier more primitive sense of justice (eye for an eye).

    It is also undeniable that a common heritage of conflict, confrontation and mistrust is part of our lot between Christians and Muslims and while our moral common background is a source of hope and collaboration, our main differences can be insurmountable: Our belief in the Triune nature of God and the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    While modern western Christianity treasures coexistence and the Catholic Church has declared its support for freedom of religion, that is not the case of Islam, which remains closed to such principles.

  2. You are mistaking individual national policies for Islam. Islam was supporting religious freedom in Medina, in Jerusalem and in Spain, centuries before the concept arose in the West. I won’t blame “modern western Christianity” for the rabid attacks on coexistence and religious freedom by supposed Christians in the U.S., so please don’t blame Islam for practices that are opposed to its central ideas.

  3. Gene: you read too much on what I said. It seems that you are actually reading what you think not what I wrote.

    As for the tolerance of Islam in Medina, please show me your research sources for such statement. I will be glad to read them. In actuality I don’t even said anything about Muslim tolerance in medieval Spain.

    As for tolerance in modern Islam, it varies, from kind of liberal Turkey to intolerant Saudi Arabia and very restrictive Iran.

  4. the two religions are very close…

    From paper in India..A tale of two conversions. Muslims praised, Christian beaten

    first the converts to islam

    Some 195 people from different nationalities in Kuwait have converted to Islam during the holy month of Ramadan, Islam Presentation Committee said here Saturday.

    The committee is expected to receive more people wishing to join the “tolerant” religion of Islam during the fasting month of Ramadan, he [Jamal Al-Shatti, Director General of the Islam Presentation Committee] said.

    Now, the converts from Islam to Christianity…

    Four months after a recent convert to Christianity from Islam in eastern India’s West Bengal state was stripped and beaten, about 50 Muslim extremists disrupted a prayer meeting held in her home, threatening to burn it down if she did not return to Islam, area Christians said.

    The extremists warned Selina Bibi of Motijil village in Murshidabad district that if she did not return to Islam, then she must either leave the area or see her house burned down.

    Yes, those look very close to me..

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