For the first day of fall: "September Song"

A drizzly, foggy, muggy day here in Manhattan — a perfect setting for a little black-and-white Durante, in a melancholy mood.   This rendition of “September Song,” from 1955, remains a classic.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. I prefer the less staccato versions others have done, but Jimmy Durante deserves to be remembered, and this is a fine song.

    Thanks for the post, Deacon Greg.

  2. Weather is the same here in Mi. btw I like Jimmy’s rendetion!

  3. It’s perfect for the overcast day here in Nashville as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Quintessential fall. Thank you!

  5. Counting down in these shortening days to the end of a season and the end of a working career, Jimmy’s song seems to have deeper meaning for me today. Thanks, Greg.

    God bless.

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