Priests for Life shocker: Fr. Frank Pavone ministry restricted — UPDATED

A couple of people e-mailed me this afternoon, wondering if I would post on this.  I was in meetings all day and just got out, so I’m late getting to it.  The Anchoress, however, has a strong wrap-up.

The salient point seems to be this letter from the Bishop of Amarillo to his brother bishops:

I have decided to suspend Father Frank A. Pavone from public ministry outside of the Diocese of Amarillo to take effect on September 13, 2011. For an indefinite period, I am withdrawing my permission to him to minister outside our diocese and am calling him back to spend time in prayer and reflection. My decision is the result of deep concerns regarding his stewardship of the finances of the Priest For Life (PFL) organization. The PFL has become a business that is quite lucrative which provides Father Pavone with financial independence from all legitimate ecclesiastical oversight. There have been persistent question and concerns by clergy and laity regarding the transactions of millions of dollars of donations to the PFL from whom the donors have a rightful expectation that the monies are being used prudently. These financial questions and concerns have persisted with no clear and adequate answers since the time when Father Pavone was under two previous bishop ordinaries. Since he has consistently refused to subject the PFL to a transparent and complete auditing of all expenditures, I have reasons to be alarmed at the potential financial scandal that might arise if it were the result of my failure to correct Father Pavone’s incorrigible defiance to my legitimate authority as his Bishop. Additionally, the PFL financial resources have afforded Father Pavone with a formidable civil and canonical counsel which he utilized to rebuff my every attempt at calling for financial transparency. Thus, my decision to intervene and to call him to accountability is meant to express the dire need to safeguard his priestly ministry to which I am obligated as his father and to help the Church avoid any scandal due to the national scope of the PFL’s work. At a certain point, for me to hold all this knowledge about the PFL and to turn a blind eye would increase my culpability and quote possibly amount to material cooperation.

In his relationship to his bishop ordinaries, Father Pavone has gradually lost his need to show appropriate obedience to his Bishop. It seems that his fame has caused him to see priestly obedience as an inconvenience to his unique status and an obstacle to the possible international scope of his ministry. I would venture to say that the supreme importance that he has attributed to his PFL ministry and the reductionist attitude toward the diocesan priesthood has inflated his ego with a sense of self-importance and self-determination. This attitude has strained his relationship with me and has give me the impression that I cannot invoke obedience with him because he is famous. It is my desire to help him readjust his priestly bearing through spiritual and theological renewal in order to recapture that essential priestly hallmark of respect and obedience. It is also my desire to strengthen Father Pavone’s sense of communio sacramentalis with me so that he may be fortified with a healthy zeal to live in an authentic way his sacramental gift and mystery as a priest of Jesus Christ.

If you judged it to be prudent, I would like to ask that you would inform the Christian faithful under your care to consider withholding donations to the PFL until the issues and concerns are settled.

Taking this opportunity to express my esteem and to ask for your prayers, I am,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Rev. Patrick J. Zurek, STL, DD
Bishop of Amarillo

You can read more at CNS.

And you can read Fr. Pavone’s response here, which says in part:

In the interest of full transparency, I would like to make it known that I do not receive any salary or financial remuneration from either the Diocese of Amarillo or from Priests for Life.  Priests for Life, as a Private Association of the Christian Faithful, does provide for my residence and the expenses associated with the ministry, but these expenses are very small. Though, as a diocesan priest, I have never taken a vow of poverty, I have basically chosen to live in that fashion in solidarity with the pre-born children we are trying to protect—who are the poorest of the poor.

I want to be clear that I do not harbor any ill will towards the Bishop of Amarillo, nor do I foster suspicions about his motives. I am merely confused by his actions. It is impossible for me to believe that there is no place in the Church for priests to exercise full-time ministry in the service of the unborn. We do it for the sick, the poor, the hungry, and the imprisoned. But where in the Church is the place where a priest can exercise the same kind of full-time ministry for the children in the womb? That is the question that is at the heart of my own calling.

UPDATE: The National Catholic Register’s Joan Frawley Desmond has a very good overview, packed with background and details.  Check it out.


  1. My suspicions are that the there have been difficulties between Fr. Pavone and Bishop Zurek for a while. In 2005, the previous bishop of Amarillo, Bishop Yanta, had given him permission to found a community of priests and lay people called Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. In fact, Fr. Pavone was to be the Moderator General, and groundbreaking for a new headquarters for Priests for Life building took place.

    Today when I just went back to validate my source of that information, I discovered that Fr. Pavone wrote at that time:

    “This means that I am no longer incardinated in a diocese, but rather into this new Society of Apostolic Life.” Hmm…

    Then, within a year of Bishop Zurek’s installation as bishop of Amarillo in 2008, the community of priests and laity was disbanded but would continue as a lay association.

    I find it very interesting that Fr. Pavone says in his response:

    “Therefore, in the interest of preserving my good reputation as well as protecting the valuable work done by the Priests for Life organization, I have begun a process of appeal to the Vatican. This process aims to correct any mistaken decisions of the bishop in my regard and to protect my commitment to full-time pro-life activity for my whole life.”

    A final comment: Who leaked the letter sent to the bishops on the Internet? My sources tell me. Well, no, I do not have any sources but Rocco Palmo does.

  2. Fr Pavone does not explain why he has not permitted the Priests for Life finances to be audited. As a diocesan priest he is bound by obedience to follow his Bishop’s orders. Something is fishy here. I think Fr Pavone’s ego needs to be audited as well.

  3. George Marchand says:

    One wonders if Father Pavone should first submit to Bishop Zurek’s decision pending the Vatican response. Gives one pause that Mother Angelica handed control of EWTN to a lay board to keep Catholic Church’s hierarchy’s grubby hands away, Father Corapi defying his bishop and now the Father Pavone situation. Obedience….

  4. Since he is not suspended in his own diocese, but only being prevented from working outside of his diocese, it’s difficult to see where his appeal might lie. I’d think all he can do is seek to be incardinated elsewhere that would have no problem with allowing him to work anywhere without supervision. He previously had his faculties with NY but left there when Cardinal Egan asked him to return to parish work.

  5. The cult of personality rears it’s ugly head yet again. Perhaps the Corapis, the Pavones and the Mother Angelicas need to take a lesson from Mother Teresa: obedient, faithful, and poor, she refused any special consideration or comfort in her status.

  6. I think I can answer Father’s question:
    “But where in the Church is the place where a priest can exercise the same kind of full-time ministry for the children in the womb? ”
    Answer: Celebrating the Mass
    Am I right?

  7. Well, looks like “Here we go again.” I so loathe the finger-pointing and speculation of our priests, even if guilty.

    Truly one of the greatest trials for me this past year or so has been watching the priests I love: Etauneaur, Corapi, and now Father Pavone, go through their public trials.

    Isn’t is interesting that all 3 of them were/are champions for the unborn? It sure makes a good case for the power of Satan, as who better to “take out” first than those defending life? I say that with no disrepect to the many other good priests. It’s just that these 3 were the most visible in the pro life movement, and no doubt, all under great spiritual attack.

    Good time for Eucharistic prayer for our priests as well as Marian prayer, especially the 2nd mystery of Light: Wedding of Cana_”Do whatever He tells you.”

  8. Very sad all the way around. I am having a bit of trouble understanding why he would just not cooperate.

  9. I know for a fact that Fr. Pavone keeps an apartment in Rome, not cheap. I discontinued my automatic monthly visa donations when my credit card expired and now it looks like the right thing to do. The biweekly solicitations via snail mail were getting to me as well. I will pray for a good outcome to this situation.

  10. My greatest concern is that 3 priests that were champions for the unborn have been silenced. Will the USCCB finally stand up and fight on this matter? Or will they continue to move good, orthodox priests to far away places and let the heretical ones stay in populated areas?

  11. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    The three case you are referring to — Euteneuer, Corapi and Pavone — are distinctly different.

    Euteneuer admitted his serious wrongdoing — and it was serious — and is being disciplined. He remains a priest and could one day, presumably, return to public ministry.

    Corapi was found by his order to be unfit for ministry. He elected not to obey his superior, and not return to his order to live in community, so he is effectively on his own. He also remains a priest, but cannot function as one publicly. (FWIW, he has spoken out recently on abortion, even recording a series of new talks on the subject, as part of his new broadcast outreach that is strictly secular.)

    Pavone is being obedient to his bishop and retains all his priestly faculties, but with restrictions. Depending on how the investigation turns out, there remains the possibility that he could also one day return to public ministry.

    Dcn. G.

  12. Ann, I second that emotion. :-)

    And Father Pavone does that faithfully. Perhaps he can use this opportunity to offer even more Masses for the unborn and the conversion of pro-choice folks.

    Let me be blunt. Obedience sucks. (I’m a free spirit by nature, and I hate being constrained by anything. And Deacon Greg, please forgive me for being so blunt. I hope I didn’t cross a language line…) Sometimes, I just want to do what I want to do. And I think I’d be safe in saying that a lot us try to get out of obeying/accepting the will of God when it involves something we don’t want to do.

    But that – doing something we don’t want to do – is the ultimate sign of obedience. Even Jesus asked for the chalice to pass him. (As a human, who’d WANT to be crucified??) But then what does he say? “Not my will but yours be done.” Father Pavone would set a good example for all of us by being obedient to Bishop Zurek – even if he thinks the bishop is wrong.

    [No offense taken :-). Every priest I know has said the same thing: poverty and chastity are tough, but it's that obedience thing that's the killer. Dcn. G.]

  13. I stopped contributing a year and a half ago, when I received a notice from the postman that a piece of certified mail was waiting for me at the post office and that I’d need to go down there to sign for it. I delayed going to work and walked blocks in the pouring rain only to discover that it was yet another “urgent,” “critical” plea for money from PFL. The letter included an apology for resorting to such disruptive fundraising methods (“Sorry to disturb you but…”). I told them I never wanted to hear from them again — that I was sick of the twice-a-week multi-page mailings but that this was the last straw. The dunning continues to this day. I don’t trust the operation, and I’m going with my gut.

  14. I receive PFL emails to keep up on their good pro-life work, recently I have noticed an upturn in the financial appeal letter emails. When I did not respond to the last one I received 2 “folllow-up” emails from PFL “Senior Vice President” Jerry Horn strongly requesting a donation (I am not financially able to donate. I since requested to have my name removed from the fundraising emails).

    I wonder if their are any non-fundraising emails about the PFL work. Last year they state they raised between $10-11 million dollars in 2010 alone. There should be public as well as church accountability for sums like this.

    Today I see this story from the Nat’l Cath Register raising questions about the financial accountability of the PFL org. among other issues.

  15. Deacon Tim and to anyone else who cares to read, I just saw and read their audit / financials in their website. You might want to see that too.

  16. To call a man back to your diocese because you say he is supposedly disobedient and when he does show up you yourself disappear because you don’t want to face him and therefore fly out to Brazil on the same day you told that man to show up simply confuses me!

    This is exactly what Bishop Zurek has done. He has publicly defamed Fr Pavone by not just insinuating it but stated it as unfounded fact that he supposedly has been mismanaging and hiding the financial funds of Priests For Life and that Fr Pavone was very disobedient by not going to Amarillo to see him.

    From what I gathered thru my research, the financial records of Priests For Life has always been made public. So how is it that Fr Frank Pavone is hiding these financial documents when it is available to anyone?

    Second, it also seems that whenever bishop Zurek calls Fr Frank to see him in Amarillo Fr Frank is always flying back to see him. How does this make him disobedient?

    The most mind boggling of them all is that Bishop Zurek is no where to be found on the same day he ordered Fr Pavone back to Amarillo?

    Where is he? Well, bishop Zurek is in Brazil! He also cannot be contacted, cannot be reached and cannot be spoken to.

    Fr Frank is in Amarillo to see the bishop as called and ordered. HE IS NOT HIDING.

    Fr Frank and Priests For Life’ finances are and have always been open to the public. THAT IS NOT IN HIDING.

    But bishop Zurek is in Brazil and cannot be reached and cannot be found. BISHOP ZUREK IS THE ONE HIDING.

    Bishop Zurek, where are you and who are you with? What is so special about Brazil or should I say Rio de Janeiro?

    Which politician or politicians fattened your own wallet to fund your trip so you can publicly defame and attempt to bring down a very powerful figure head in the pro life movement and surprise surprise just when elections are around the corner you pull a stunt like this

    Bishop Zurek, You may be the ordinary of Fr Frank in this earth … But on the day of judgement … Who is the one you answer to … And what will you explain to him?

  17. I hope everything works out, but the fund raising tactics always turned me off. The newsletter goes to my spam box mostly now, so I didn’t ask to be taken off the list, but I was always afraid to send anything but if they sent so many emails now, what then? The certified letter would have made me very angry and I don’t blame anyone for protesting that.

    I give to Sisters for Life and Birthright, I wish I felt more comfortable giving to PFL, but I don’t.

  18. The fundraising tactics are quite aggressive and that has always bothered me. We receive numerous faxes at my place of employment and I was on the snail mail list for a long time. Like others, I asked to be removed.

    A couple of things stand out for me. One is that obedience, which is certainly such a hard, hard thing is really often misunderstood. Obedience, coming from the Latin verb for “to listen” is really about a deep listening that leads us to follow in a particular way. This makes it really hard to surrender to because we are first asked to listen deeply. Honestly – for most people in our culture that is hard, hard work.

    It is always interesting to me that many of us find it easy to criticize a bishop for their dealings with a priest or cause that we like and are affiliated with. Yet many of us selfsame people then criticize a priest for disobeying another bishop.

    It is easy to get caught in the trap of who we like or do not like, but the issue is ecclesiastical authority, which truly must be followed.

    It is morally disingenuous, as well as disobedient to not stay true to what is important.

  19. Donal Mahoney says:

    It will be interesting to see if EWTN pulls Father Pavone’s programming immediately the way it pulled John Corapi’s programming immediately after the news about Corapi broke.

    Although Corapi was involved with money, his primary problems appeared to involve the flesh. The flesh, so far, does not appear to be an issue with Pavone. The accusations or insinuations are fiscal in nature only.

    If it turns out that Pavone is “dirty,” Bishop Zurek has made a difficult but correct call. But if Pavone is financially clean, and he suffers simply from having a zeppelin for an ego, then it will require Zurek to sit for a long while in sack cloth and ashes.

    It’s not getting any easier to be Catholic in the public square. Father Dominic Garner, MFVA, not long ago in a homily on EWTN, chastised Catholics for not saying grace before meals in restaurants. He suggested they were not proud to be Catholic. I am not currently “proud” to be Catholic. But I am happy to be Catholic because it is in Catholicism that Truth resides and always will reside. There is no place else for malcontents and sinners like me to go.

  20. As a friend of a former candidate of the MEV program they once had, I can only testify that much of what the bishop has said is true, at least on the part of obedience and pride. From my friend’s perspective, he had said that for a Catholic Charities type of organization, PFL seemed to live a little too rich. While it was understandable that much of their money is spent on speakers to fly them around the country, many times Fr. Frank did not stay at a rectory or a family’s house like in the early days but in hotels or in isolation. Isolation is a big weakness for Fr. Frank’s part and which he does to this day on Staten Island in that office of his. Why? Because he lives there. The other problem was that Fr. Frank seemed to put the priesthood/Mass second and pro-life first. There were times that he did not celebrate Mass in the chapel while he was at the office except for the monthly pastoral meetings. One pastoral associate told my friend he had said that he was very skeptic about this. Supporters of him claimed he said it early in the morning (3am or 4am) but only God knows the truth.

    My only feeling is that Fr. Frank does not want to be a priest but a full-time activist. Perhaps he discerned his vocation wrongly. With being a priest, there is obedience. He should have been a doctor, businessman, a lawyer or a politician.

    One former employee wrote some disturbing things back in 2006 on Free Republic. Eerily, much of what the bishop is accusing Fr. Frank is very much written on this blog.

  21. The question in my mind is why all of this was made public before any substantiated accusations backed up by an investigation were made.

    The “leaking” of documents defaming personalities has become a pattern; are they made public with maliciousness and with “authorized” go ahead for the leaks? This matter should have been treated with discretion until real facts were to show that there is financial mismanagement or fraud, not before.

    Bishops have the right to demand obedience from their priests, but such a public, chastising statement smells like envy even if it has justifiable basis on obedience grounds.

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? Seems we Catholics are very adept at cannibalistic feasts of defamation. Something is really wrong in Denmark…

  22. Of course the fundraising tactics are aggressive – and so is their impact on the battle for life.

    [Edited for slanderous content. -- Ed.]

  23. Rdy:

    I agree. The letter sent by the Bishop of Amarillo to his fellow bishops was scanned by someone who somehow got hold of it and made it available on the Internet. This is NOT how the content of bishop’s letter should be released.

    I am not saying that that the content of the letter should be private but, if I were bishop Zurek, I would not be happy.

  24. People do not have to pretend to be juries. A little critical reading goes a long way though and can dispel some things. For starters, this action was hardly impulsive or rash. Both sides have established a timeline of years. There have been numerous and frequent communications over an item that have not been resolved to the bishop’s satisfaction. Father Pavone by his own admission has chosen to contest the dispute vigorously. That is certainly within his rights, but that doesn’t make the investigation invalid. He knew the potential consequences of continued obstinacy and chose to live with them.

    Secondarily but just as importantly, the bishop is well within his rights to have a secular priest incardinated in his diocese work in his diocese. Often wide latitude has been given for diocesan priests to pursue things like education on their own dime. (Can. 265 Every cleric must be incardinated either in a particular church or personal prelature, or in an institute of consecrated life or society endowed with this faculty, in such a way that unattached or transient clerics are not allowed at all.) If these priests want to be Jesuits, they can be Jesuits. While ordinarily a priest has the privilege of saying mass in any place, this is not right to create an apostolate, even if you call it a secular corporation,

  25. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    A key difference with Corapi is that he had his faculties removed, and could not publicly identify himself as a priest. That’s why EWTN pulled his programs.

    That is not the issue with Fr. Pavone, who remains a priest in good standing, able to publicly celebrate the sacraments and preach, albeit only within his own diocese.

    Dcn. G.

  26. Emma Bracken says:

    I financially and spiritually support Father Pavone’s Ministry to protect the Unborn. Please let us pray for all our priests who openly protect LIFE. Let us keep them in the Most Holy Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother Mary for guidance, strength and protection. Let us all be guided by the Holy Spirit of God!

  27. here we go again! Something’s afoot! I was pondering the timing of this event so soon after Fr.Corapi’s. Both involve Texas, two priests preaching the Truth, bishops and EWTN . Though two different circumstances, will there be more? I think I’ll be spending more time on my knees.

  28. I recently read an article about Sr. Aiello (soon to become sainted) – and what struck me was the fact that “there were days when there was nothing left to eat at the orphanage.” During each time of need, there would be intense praying by a couple of nuns and the orphan children to almighty God for survival. And sometimes she would find “50 lire” stuck in a bible inside the church. Sometimes a “wealthy” person would leave a donation of “bread.” So the nuns and children existed on bread for a couple of days – or maybe a month. Please read the article -(could I be wrong?) – to see for yourselves what “bishops” and “cardinals” do to orphans and well-intentioned nuns. I realized, at the end of that article, just how much the vatican had monetarily during the 1940′s and 50′s – because by the time the 90′s pedophilia scandal was uncovered, we saw the huge amounts it had amassed in order to pay the lawsuits..!! But they couldn’t provide bread or clothes to a few nuns or children?! – Not blaming Catholicism or the Church itself – just the ill-intentioned “men” who infiltrated it…. Thank God for God – He fed the orphans and the nuns – with the help of His own chosen ones who no one will ever hear from!! Can you imagine what He’s going to do to all those corrupt men who covered themselves with priestly garments – those wolves in sheeps’ clothing?? Hope I’m around to see it – cause frankly I’m sick of these guys…

  29. This in fighting amongst the clergy…it baffles me on how public it becomes…should i have an issue with a superior/supervisor in the civillian world, i would think that it was no ones business. And then…How strange that a BISHOP is so concerned with financial audits and transperency when their own American conference refuses to be transparent or have their financial audits made public…the rightingis on the wall…is there any appeal to Rome for the faithful of this country to save us from the leaders they’ve appointed us?

  30. Consider that Pope Benedict is probably more tuned in than one would imagine. The Holy Father appointed Bishop Zurek in 2008. It would probably be well for us to defer to the Bishop and the Holy Father in this matter, since they are in fact in the blessed positions that they are in successor to the Apostles, successor to Peter. They both deserve our respect.

  31. It is really sad that something like this has to be in public display. The fight for life is so great must we really quarrel amongst ourselves? This will undoubtedly be a setback in the fight for life and all the good that it has done. This should not be about a power play between the Bishop and a priest, it is about being in the same fight on the same page for the same purpose – which is saving lives and promoting Gods kingdom! I truly pray this is not a case of the Bishop thinking in merely human terms in wishing to show who has more power. I also truly pray that Father Frank Pavone has not lost sight of the battle he is in, which I cannot imagine him doing so when coming face to face with the reality of it everyday. This controversy could have a far reaching impact on innocent lives with eternal consequences attached to it. Lord have Mercy, Christ have Mercy, Lord have Mercy

  32. Frank Hannon says:

    The Bishop’s second paragraph is frankly unnesessary, just a gratuitous pot shot; and nor is the paragraph suggesting that his brother bishops perhaps instruct their flocks to cut PFL off financially, “if you judged it to be prudent.” If they judged it to be prudent, then they wouldn’t need that suggestion in the first place!!

    The Bishop has let his pique get the better of him, and it’s a little unseemly.

  33. Father Pavone, On behalf of all the unborn babies you have saved, I want to say thank you and God Bless you always. We really need you so much.

  34. The problem with this all is that it seems Bishops only seek to reel in priests whenever they are making a lot of money. Examples of recent mention – Intercessors of the Lamb out of Omaha, Fr. Corapi and his ministry, and now – Fr. Frank Pavone and the Priests for Life. I know there is much more to it than that along with all the differences between the cases but one similar aspect is the money in all three. On the other hand, in all three as well, you have the leaders of these movements who almost make some sort of stand against the Bishops.

    It’s a shame really. I think two parties are guilty here. Bishops for not getting more involved in the lives of their priests they are responsible for until something like this comes up, and as well, the religious and priests involved who behave with less humility than they preach on.

    Prayers as always for the Church of Jesus Christ – the Roman Catholic Church and by the virtue of its very design shall stand against the very gates of hell and hell will not prevail against it.

    Mater Dei – Ora Pro Nobis.

  35. Maybe someone should follow the money trail of the accusers and not the accusees! I feel someone is trying to silence the Church via EWTN and maybe ewtn, itself. !!?? God Bless you, Fr. Pavone for promoting the truth.You are in my prayers

  36. I thank God for Father Etenauer, Father Corapi, and Father Pavonne. Through their preaching on EWTN my life changed radically for the better. I am a reverted Catholic now and heavily involved in the respect life movement because of them. My question is, who’s next. For sure, it will be someone who is not afraid to speak the truth and perhaps, has a huge following??? I agree with NBW, the good ones are snuffed out and we’re left with too many lousy Catholic priests and bishops who don’t have what it takes to speak out against the evils in our world and drive home the real teachings of our Catholic faith from the pulpit, instead of the watered down, “tolerant” versions. How can we be strong in our faith when we don’t even know what it is.

  37. Here is – with all due respect – the fatal flaw in the line of reasoning of many who comment. I will say that almost all things are said with the best of intentions, but this wild inaccuracy strikes me powerfully this morning….

    It is not Father Etenauer, Father Corapi, and Father Pavone who do all this work that everyone points to, but rather God who does all the work through Christ and with the Holy Spirit.

    Yes, God uses those men and countless others in countless ways, but the emphasis I see put on these 3 of late and others at other times, really makes me stop and think and pray.

    So – this is not to take away from their work, but when so much time is spent on self-defense it makes me wonder.

    I would, FWIW, say the same thing about Fr. Roy Bougeois, who in his own way was disobedient to the Church in what he understood as God’s will. I could in some way live with that (insert your need to pelt me with rocks and garbage here) – it is when he made it about him that things went wrong.

    We are all but fingers pointing to the sun/Son. We are never the sun/Sun ourselves.

  38. Mary Ann Allore says:

    Remember how Jesus was treated. Well I would be suprised if our good and holy priests weren’t treated the same way.
    Satan is at work decieving as many as he can, making the good look bad and the bad look good. Don’t fall for his tricks.
    Let us all pray with a renewed faithfulness for our priests and the entire Catholic Church that the Holy Spirit will guide us and protect
    everyone. Pray…Pray …..Pray
    We are living in days of persecution from every side. Stand firm, don’t give up.

  39. I see both men as being influenced by the evil of clericalism. Even bishops need to have humility.

    The one group Jesus despised were the Pharisees who pretended to be holy and men of God. But in the end were only motivated by their own selfishness and vanity for the sake of appearences.

    For a bishop to send out a letter like this nationally, exposing his pathetic paranoid ideas is startling in of itself.

    ” The Patrimony of the Church”

    Until we bring ourselves out of the past we cannot live in the present.

  40. Im done with Bishops and I love my Jesus and all of priests I had in my parish to date they are the true preachers living modestly not in mansions with private staff to wait on their every need, where is their vow of poverty jetsetting here and there in first class etc etc. Just follow Jesus He is awesome and bring Jesus into your heart and with divine Love it will be Jesus in you that guides and protects and leads you to Eternal Life . The Peace you will experience is wonderful in all the trials and tribulations of Life Praise you Jesus I look forward to meeting Him His heart must be piercing to see all this unnecessary Hierarchy in the Catholic Church. I give any money I can to the genuine poor, directly to people who actually work with them and live with them.When you experience Divine Love it is Jesus in you that loves your neighbour. All these man made rules in the Church saddens me, and I feel they restrict our free spirit. Lets take Fr. Corapi for example he had the absolute gift of preaching and told us what Jesus would want us to hear , it doesnt matter to me how he lives his private life as long as he doesnt teach falsely, he has to answer to God about his private life as does all of us.What about the awful sins commited by our leaders in the Church, knowingly hiding and covering up the awful crimes commited against our darling children, and allowing many thousands of Children to be horrificly abused, Name any Church Leader that was defrocked in these times or publicly condemned and taken out of active ministry, its all about money in the Catholic Church. Im sorry but thats how I feel I pray daily to stay close to Jesus and He gives me all the answers I need, Praise God. Amen

  41. Well if one is done with bishops, one might as well be done with church.

    Isn’t this all still about obedience?

  42. Actually, if one is done with bishops, one isn’t “about done with church,” one is done with the Catholic Church.

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  44. An exempt religious order,with himself as superior general is exactly what Fr Pavone manage Priests for Life,as he perceives its apostolate.The Vatican Curia is the canonical body that does this.

    The money/finances of priest for life,should immediately–”subito” in Vatican language–be wired or carried by trusted bag men to the Vatican Bank.Thus this will a matter between Fr Frank and Holy See;no bishops with any power over it.
    These are only paths open to Fr.Pavone.

  45. my thoughts exactly! the two situations are night and day.

  46. The bureaucratic inquisitions by various bishops of the USCCB of Frs Euteneuer, Corapi, and Pavone, even if having some legitimacy, distract from the true issue in the Pro-Life movement, which is: Why is the USCCB so lukewarm in its addressal of the big-three evils of today’s American society: abortion, contraception, and homosexual “marriage”? Of course, when the Federal government wants the Catholic institutions to pay for free immoral services, then the USCCB jumps into action to defend itself from the evil policies of President Obama and his “Catholic” henchwoman, Kathleen Sebelius. Still, that doesn’t explain why, except for a few notable pro-life leaders like Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, many bishops (including my own here in the Diocese of Arlington, VA), are very lukewarm in their rare and poorly disseminated statements condemning abortion, except perhaps the week before the annual Marches for Life. Also, let’s not forget that many American bishops not only stood by silently or even provided open support while 54% of American Catholics voted Obama and other strongly pro-abortion candidates into national office in 2008. And apparently the USCCB was supporting portions of OBAMACARE as it was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2012, only to discover the Trojan horse (please pardon the contraceptive pun) semi-hidden in the bill that now will be used to compell Catholic institutions to dispense free immoral services.
    BOTTOM LINE: If every U.S. bishop were to start showing the same determination and strength against abortion, free contraceptives paid for by Catholic institutions, and same-sex marriage that Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, AL (where EWTN is located) demonstrates openly and actively, and EVERY U.S. Catholic cooperated with all bishops, we’d overturn Roe V Wade and same-sex marriage immediately in EVERY state. Not sure about contraception, since reportedly 98% of current U.S. Catholics have used it at some point, but maybe even lower that percentage also?
    LAST: GOD BLESS ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETWORK for its wonderful work to disseminate the Truth of the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity to the entire world!!!!!

  47. Correction on last post — OBAMACARE was signed into law by President Obama on 23 March 2010, not 2012. Please excuse the typo. Thanks!

  48. Karin Carozza says:

    Message to Fr. Frank — regardless of these questions, I would like to give you a message to give to President Obama at the Right to Life rally in Washington, that you most probably will attend. –Mr. Obama– TAKE DOWN THAT LAW–to plagiarize Pres. Ronald Reagan (sort of). Your pro-life efforts are remarkable. Thank you for your dedication to end a horrible enemy.

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