Just what the world has been waiting for: the 9/11 coloring book

For those who thought the 9/11 memorial wine wasn’t quite tacky enough…now this.


To the American people and all others who may read this child’s coloring book, We Shall Never Forget is designed to be a tool that parents can use to help teach children about the facts surrounding 9/11. This book also describes basic freedoms in America. We suggest parental guidance. As the 9/11 events are shown countless times on national media, this book will help children understand the meaning of these events. The book was created with honesty, integrity, reverence, respect and does not shy away from the truth.In this book you will see what happens to a terrorist who orders others to bomb our peace loving wonderful nation.

A page from the book:

Read more and watch a brief video from the publisher at this link.


  1. I’m not very comfortable when I hear someone with an obvious monetary interest, as the publisher of this coloring book is, say things like: “This book was created with honesty, integrity, reverence, respect and the book does not shy away from the truth.”

    It’s the same feeling I get when I hear TV commentators call their stations:

    “The Best Political Team on Television” or “fair and balanced.”

  2. As someone who worked across the stree from the towers in the World Financial Center, all I can say is:

  3. You have an event that shocked and traumatized Americans like no other since Pearl Harbor. We live in a country that still protects freedom of speech and it is expected that along with the good you will have some bad. We also live in a country that allows people to do business as long as it is legal, a freedom that does not guarantee good taste.

    I think the soldiers who have died fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and other anti-terrorist operations around the globe, would appreciate the freedom to say, publish and sell what the law allows you, according with American freedom.

    While the product is tacky and the cartoon representing the killing of Bin Ladin in horrible taste, such is the freedom we have.

  4. Whatever. I think I’ll stick with “The Little Mermaid” for my little granddaughter.

  5. Brainwash with crayons.

  6. Richard Johnson says:

    I have to agree with Rudy on this one. As distasteful as this product is, the founding documents of our nation guarantee the author the right to express this viewpoint, and the blood of many people (military and non-military) has been spilled in the protection of that right.

    Thankfully I have the right to not purchase the product, not read it, and (were I a shopkeeper) not sell it in my place of business. It indeed is propaganda of the worst sort. Goebbels would be proud.

  7. A visit to the Twilight Zone. Its where we live.

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