"Look, honey! A new neighbor!"

And his name is Mark Shea!.


Mark-the-prolific; Mark-the-down-shouting; Mark-the-smart; Mark-the-serious; Mark-the-scathingly-funny; Mark-the-take-no-prisoners-passionately-Catholic-Shea is moving his blog here to the Catholic portal at Patheos!

Having been a fan of Mark’s for years (after I got past my terror of him; he is formidable when he’s passionate, but you know that!) I could not be more thrilled to welcome him aboard! His willingness to go against conventional wisdom — secular and church-wide — in order to remain true to the teachings of the church is inspiring to me. Quite frankly, when I was dithering on the fence about torture, Shea’s vehement condemnation of the practice was instrumental in my finally reasoning my way back into Catholic Orthodoxy on the matter. We need an instructive and fearless voice in these crazy times, and Shea brings us that sort of voice, in spades.

Read more.

Well, this is exciting news.  I couldn’t be more thrilled — for Mark, for Patheos, and for our little corner of the blogsophere.  (This should do wonders for property values.  He’s very quiet and never causes any trouble.)

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mark!  We know you’re gonna like it here! (cue the production number…)

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2 responses to “"Look, honey! A new neighbor!"”

  1. Virtual head butts, booyahs, and brewskis hoisted over the fence, neighbor! I will try to keep my dog off your lawn, not borrow sugar, and not do any hammering on the garage roof before 10 in the morning on Saturdays.

    Pay no attention to the ghostly cries, eerie lights and bolts of electricity arcing from that little “Dark Tower” project I’m starting in the back yard. You’ll be… surprised… when I’m finished.

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