On 9/11: Millennials will never forget

One week after the anniversary, here’s a moving and thoughtfully produced short film by Andrew Jenks that gives a different perspective.  It shows how young people were shaped by the events of September 11, 2001.

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3 responses to “On 9/11: Millennials will never forget”

  1. Yes, thanks for posting this video! I’m a millennial–9/11 happened in my 2nd week of 9th grade, and now I teach 9th graders who barely remember what happened. In a few years, my high school students will not have been born when the attacks happened, and I hope to use this video in future years to help them understand how the events changed the lives of people their age.

  2. One of the students said that she thought that the country became overly patriotic. I disagree. We got back the patriotism we should have had at that time. I feel we had started loosing the patriotism and it took the 9-11 tragedy to bring it back.

    I saw a video the other day of someone complaining about how we treat the flag. The pomp and reverence we give to the flag. The person in the video said all that for a damn flag and they rolled their eyes and the person who was with them agreed by giving a yes nod. You couldn’t hear there voice but you could read their lips.

    That is the problem with this country today. We have become so narcissistic that no one matters but ourselves. Everyone only looks out for themselves. The government is going the way of a one world order and trying to pull us away from country. I pray to God that we will once again become the patriotic country we used to be when I was younger.

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