The growing phenomenon of "missing girls"

The Vatican news site picks up on some troubling statistics:

India is the fourth country in the world most at risk for the female gender, after Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan, and the widespread practice of selective abortion of female fetuses makes the situation even more difficult.

Since the last provisional census carried out in 2011, in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, where the ratio between males and females between 0 and 6 years has fallen to 886 girls per 1,000 boys, a very active civil society movement is taking action against what is defined as “female feticide”. The figures recorded in Uttarakhand are far worse than the national average which has dropped to 914 girls per 1000 boys, from 927 per 1000 in the 2001 census. That year, demographers said that there were six million ‘missing girls’ in India, now 7.1 million are missing, of a total population of 1.21 billion people.

“This tragic phenomenon has worsened due to technology and literacy and the lack of ethical principles in the medical profession”, this is what is read in Shri Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Ashram’s (SBMA) note, an NGO in Dehradun, who protects the rights of women. In particular, what is accused is the proliferation of prenatal tests and economic ultrasound instruments in the entire State in order to know the sex of the unborn child. Traditionally a family with more males is considered stronger.

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8 responses to “The growing phenomenon of "missing girls"”

  1. One of the supreme ironies, or so it seems, is that feminists are pushing hard to expand abortion globally when females are its biggest victims, as evidenced by the numbers in sex-selective abortions.

    It’s really not so ironic, because the radical feminists really only care about other upper-middle class, graduate educated professionals such as themselves (which is why they were mute and never bothered to support Bill Clinton’s victims from the secretarial/intern pool, but came out swinging in defense of Anita Hill).

    To make matters worse, for the girls lucky enough to survive the abortion gauntlet, they are increasingly being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery to feed the growing populations of young men with no marital prospects and insatiable sexual appetites.

    Not a word from the radical proabort feminists on this spinoff industry of their creation.

  2. Wonder if the countries mentioned have figured out that if there are no more girls, there eventually be no more boys?! Obviously many cultures still think a male child is more valuable than a female child—–that is truely sad in so many ways.

  3. Good point, daisy—we in the US tend to think that our way is always the best. But as I said above, you’d think common sense would dictate that an over abundance of males and fewer females would lead to no more males!

  4. You can’t change people’s culture over night, but if one is persistent and the right is on your side, you can change culture. Surely the Jim Crow culture of our south has gone by the wasteside, thank God.

    To Gerard – Not quite true. I have seen a feminist argue against it. Actually you can read Ross Douthat’s reply to her here:

    It was a fascinating exchange.

  5. Romans and Greeks practiced selective infanticide, leaving those unwanted exposed in garbage dumps to die or throwing the babies into sewers (many baby skeletons have been found by archaeologists in Roman and Greek ruins). In Rome the Pater Familias (the Father of the Family) had power over the life and death over all the household, including unwanted infants. As the paternal line was passed to the older boy, may girls were discarded. Farther back in time Carthaginians and other Middle Eastern cultures practiced ritual infanticide. It was the advent of Christianity that ended the widespread killing of unwanted babies. Now the practice has come back with a vengeance both in the West as it becomes secularized and in pagan cultures, now aided by technology which allows for selective abortions. In India and China girls are still thrown into rivers and ditches.

  6. They don’t want their girls?

    Send them to us. There are many American families who would adopt. We just need to make it easier for middle class families who, often times, have difficulty with the fees involved.

  7. Guess you all missed our VP Joe Biden does not have a problem with China one child policy or forced abortions. He probably got this way hanging out with the most pro abortion president of all time. Heck, Obama even advocated leaving the baby lay their to die if it survived the abortion murder attempt.

    Hillary Clinton went to war with the Pope trying to push her abortion agenda on the UN when she was first lady back in 1994 but now as sec of State, she is back trying again

    When we have 54 million babies wiped out in our holocaust, we have no moral authority left, and then the Democratic party leaders as above are out pushing the message we not only agree, but will support it in votes in the UN to spread our killing around.

    These things are facts folks. I would like to see more posts on these facts on Catholic blogs.

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