The next Susan Boyle? You decide.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the X-Factor, meet the burrito-maker with the amazing voice, Josh Krajcik.  Feel those goosebumps?

YouTube Preview Image

  • Marcel LeJeune

    That was amazing. I love the tone and roughness of his voice.

  • Irish Spectre

    His future depends on his boorish Mom henceforth remaining back at the burrito ranch.

  • Manny

    Pretty good. For a second there I thought it was Mark Shea. ;)

  • Noteworthy11

    Amazing…choice of songs…perfect for his voice…can’t wait to hear him again. To Irish Spectre…being excited is a far cry from boorish!

  • Tom

    I am not really a fan of the music style – but I can sure appreciate his abilty to sing it. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    If this guy doesnt win–I would be very surprised. By far-the best voice I have heard.

  • Music Man

    Far and away the best voice I have ever heard for this genre