Behold: the world's longest Hot Wheels track

I SO want this.   (That sound you hear is my wife sighing and rolling her eyes…)

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  1. (That sound you hear is my wife sighing and rolling her eyes…)

    Tell her it’s a Y chromosome thing.

  2. Wow. Amazing!

    If my kid had this, he’d lose his mind. He’d be so wowed by the awesomeness of it, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

    Wait a minute…am I describing my kid’s reaction, or my own?

    So. Cool.

  3. That was the COOLEST. THING. EVER!!!

  4. Let’s see … Richardson’s not far from here … I wonder if they’d let me play with it?

    Too cool. Way too cool.

  5. Ok I have no y chromosome and it’s been a long time since I had hot wheels in the house. How does it keep going? Used to be just the force of the initial send off but it had to be more than that….

  6. Me thinks Papa has WAAAAAY too much free time on his hands.

  7. Catherine Windels says:

    I’m rolling my eyes with your wife, but I can only imagine what my son would say if he saw this. So he won’t see it. (Cruel, yes, I know.)

  8. COOL!!!

    @Bhg — the black things set up along the course gave the car additional pushes. You can see them especially when the car needs a little extra speed for a vertical loop, to climb the stairs, etc.

  9. I hope you don’t mind me stealing (and linking) this for my blog.

    I adore how this turned out to be a charity video. They made it with “going viral” in mind and, well… SUCCESS!

    Brilliant. :) Thank you for this!

  10. I don’t want to be a “party pooper” but that that video seems highly edited. If they have that much money to spend on hotwheel track and boosters for their kids then there is something wrong even if they ask to give to charity at the end.

  11. Here comes Christmas!

  12. Fr. JP, assembling that track is not “free” time; it’s part of the cultivation of family life by doing fun things with one’s kids. I am fairly certain that, like a mandala in the East (although less beautiful), that labor of love was destroyed by the kiddies within 48 hours.

  13. First of all how many batteries did that take? O.o Nice track though.

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