Bishop Zurek on Fr. Pavone: "I am seeking clarification and answers…"

Bishop Zurek has posted a public statement on the Diocese of Amarillo website.  Most important part:

As a diocesan bishop, I am obligated to show concern for the well being and ministry of all our priests.  I support with no exception the various ministries that the priests of our Diocese carry out for the Common Good of the Church.  Thus, I am seeking clarifications and answers to concerns about the administration of the PFL organization and other related entities of which Fr. Pavone has a leadership role.  Principally, I called Fr. Pavone home to his Diocese of Amarillo because of my concern for him as one of my priests.  The relationship of a bishop to a priest is one of a father to a son and a brother to a brother.  I have asked him to pray and reflect on the sacramental ministerial priesthood that he and I share in Christ Jesus.  It has been my desire to have a direct and clear dialogue with all our priests.  Thus, I am inviting Fr. Pavone to a private meeting between me and him in my office on October 13, 2011 to discuss his spiritual progress during this time of prayer and reflection.

Finally, I invite all concerned to join me in prayer for both Fr. Pavone and myself for a fruitful and productive dialogue.  In the end, it is my desire to see PFL and all pro-life ministries flourish.

Read it all here.

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10 responses to “Bishop Zurek on Fr. Pavone: "I am seeking clarification and answers…"”

  1. This to me seems to be a very thoughtful and reasonable statement, reflecting the Bishop’s status as shepherd and guide. Hopefully, this meeting on October 13th will help lead to resolution of this very difficult situation.

  2. The meeting may not be sweet, but perhaps some tough love is in order at this point. I applaud the Bishop for his calm demeanor in this letter. After what the “Fans of Frank” have put his Diocese through of late I wouldn’t blame him if he gave the good father an old fashoined dressing down.

    I hope they spend a few minutes in prayer together before they talk. I think they will need to invite the Holy Spirit to the meeting!

  3. There’s a food chain almost everywhere you look. Abortion, as every pro-lifer knows, is BIG business. And sadly there are some who use the pro-life cause to make money. Fr. Corapi, seeking laicization I believe, is one example of a priest who used a conservative message to make money, lots of money. And he only left the priesthood when, like the rich young man in the Bible, he was asked to leave behind everything. In Fr. C’s case he couldn’t leave behind his homes and bank accounts. And now it seems Fr. Pavone of Priest’s for Life is having money troubles too. And his protestations are bizarre to say the least.

  4. It would be prudent to await the information that Father Pavone’s bishop will publish after a full investigation. To do otherwise would to risk the same mistake of those who blindly defended Father Corapi against legitimate ecclesiastical authorities. Suffice it to say that Priests for Life has the lowest rating of any major Pro-Life group, according to an independent study of not-for-profit foundations. One “former director” receives nearly $200,000 annually although he is employed elsewhere. For the national rating:

    Read more:

  5. “I applaud the Bishop for his calm demeanor in this letter.”

    Where was that calm demeanor in the first letter? Where was the caring thoughtfulness and concern for Fr. Pavone and PFL in his second letter?

  6. Bs Z is calm as he should be yet he has not apologized to Fr. Frank nor has he addressed PFL for all of the scandal caused by the 1st letter.

  7. Fr. Pavone is a great priest and I trust him more than I trust the bishop, bishops in America haven’t been such brave shepherds in the public sphere or even with the laity in preaching the truth, and now this one is going to be a “shepherd” toward Fr. Pavonne, who he himself has lived up to being a shepherd to the poorest in America? Why is Fr and PFL being scrutinized as though it isn’t already faithful and transparent? And yet other organizations that are Really corrupt, like catholic charities, etc, that give money to anti-Christian organizations, the bishops turn a blind eye to. If you ask me, the reason PFL has money to do their work is because they are being faithful to Jesus and His mission for them, meanwhile, dioceses throughout the nation are closing down schools and churches simply becsaue They, including bishops have ceased to be truly faithful, or even truly catholic.
    Based upon the actions of many bishops in the past, they have not gained my trust but have let me down and often confused and discouraged me as a catholic rather then lead in all truth and love that is courageous. Fr. pavonne has been courageous and i trust and pray God protect him and live in him to fulfill his mission entrusted to him be Jesus.

  8. Why are these investigations being conducted for conservative, pro-life priests (as if there should be any other kind of priest)? I could name you a full list of less than orthodox clergy, (let’s put Phleger up there at the top) who seem to be untouchable. Who are, in fact, given a complicit nod of approval by the American “Princes of the Church”.

  9. Fr Frank should be given an assignment as a Parochial Vicar in an Amarillo Parish or an assignment in some ministry in the Diocese. If he refuses to report for it, he should be suspended. He is a DIOCESAN priest. If the work of Priests for Life is God’s work, it will survive and continue. If it is Fr Frank’s work, it will fizzle out. There should be others in place who can take over his role at PFL. If there is not, he didn’t do a very good job.

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