Day by day: a "Godspell" flash mob

The Deacon’s Wife and I are going to see the new Broadway revival of “Godspell” Tuesday night (a rare night out for us  — and on a work night!).  While checking out the production’s website, I discovered the video below: a flash mob in Times Square that was staged a couple weeks ago to promote the production.

Gimmicky, but effective — and when was the last time you heard someone singing these words in Times Square?

YouTube Preview Image

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    I am a complete sucker for that song. Gimmicky here yes -but quite effective indeed. Thanks! And have fun, I want to hear a review!

  • andrew nelson

    I am struck by two things:

    1. How can that woman dancing in the opening scenes move like that wearing those heels? That’s skill.
    2. It seems like they are happy, which is the message Jesuit Fr. James Martin is talking about in his new book. (Which I have yet to read.)

    Thanks for this posting. Enjoy the show.

  • jkm

    Saw the West Coast premiere at the Mark Taper Forum in LA as part of the 1971 season–when a $15 season ticket bought me Paul Sills’ Metamorphoses, Othello, Major Barbara, Godspell, and the world premiere of Dan Berrigan’s Trial of the Catonsville 9. What a year. Enjoy! And remember the intermission tag: “We all need help to feel fine (Let’s have some wine!)”

  • http://cv Carol

    Thank you so much for the beautiful flashmob of Godspell! It was great to see “praise” music in a flashmob….even if it was a commercial.

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