That’s the inspired name that someone has given to all the bellyachers complaining about Chris Christie’s belly.

Genius?  A little bit.

That is all.

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  1. Rev Mr Flapatap says:

    They are afraid of a Christie candidacy because he is “too big to fail.”

  2. I am still not sure he has the fire in his belly, though.

  3. Finally! A potential presidential candidate more rotund than ME!

  4. Seriously – he would not be my candidate of choice, but people need to get over this fast. It is wrong.

  5. Has Mark Shea ‘weighed in’ on this one yet? It’s tailor made for his Jolly schtick…

  6. Richard Johnson says:

    Hmmm…if being a chain-smoker isn’t an issue for the person who is third in line in Presidential succession, why is being overweight a problem for the fellow at the top? This should be a non-issue in the campaign, though it might end up being a good reason to bring back William Howard Taft’s bathtub to the White House.

  7. …and, apparently, my earlier remark is true!

  8. pagansister says:

    It seems he has made his final declaration saying he is NOT going to run—(IMO, at least not until the next time) so perhaps folks will stop making comments about his super size. OR perhaps he will take the time to lose it before he runs in 2016.

  9. Lets face it, after the light weight we now have as president, lets hope we do have some beef..and some actual experience next time. I got to vote against Obama twice last election. In Ohio, I voted for Hillary over Obama, not because I believed she would be better than the Republican pro life president, but in case the Republican lost, I knew she would be much better for the country. I still find it amazing that Obama got in with his total lack of experience.

    And when Obama was asked about running for President, few remember his first response was the same as Christie, that he did not see himself having enough experience and thus did not see himself running. I have the feeling that Christie saw how badly Obama did and if he was going to go after the job, felt he definitely needed much more experience. It will be interesting to see who Christie endorses for President and I think it will have huge upside for whoever it is.

    If he does not stumble, he and Rubio are certain to be stars of the party going forward. Look for both to have prominant position in the party convention.

  10. This pics proves that Christie is twice the man Obama is….

  11. Rudy:

    I think that Chris Christie is a decent enough fellow but I wouldn’t want to tangle with him.

    Still, I do not think that he had a fat chance of winning.

    Deacon Greg: I will not be offended at all, if in moderating my comment, you choose to delete it.

  12. Obama is a great president. If Republicans weren’t determined to destroy the country in their naked pursuit of power, then even Greta might understand why he’s a great man. Those who hate America vote Republican. End of story.

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