I'm back

Well, wouldn’t you know it: one of the biggest news days in the Catholic Church in America, full of head-scratching surprises, and I’m tied up doing Other Stuff.

The Other Stuff included being part of a panel on social media at the USCCB headquarters on Washington, in a massive meeting room that is clearly designed to inspire awe and no small amount of stage fright.

Thankfully, the presentation went smoothly, despite me, and I was lucky to be in the company of Elizabeth Tenety, editor of the On Faith section of the Washington Post, and Cathy Grossman,who does the Faith & Reason section of USA TODAY.  They both offered great advice and insight from their respective corners of the social media world, while I chimed in whatever sputtering footnotes I could add from my years here at The Bench.

Afterward, there was food!  And fun!  During lunch, Fr. James Martin stopped by to plug his new book and offer some wonderful and hilarious stories about faith and having a good sense of humor.  (Jesus had one, it turns out.  Who knew?)  Below, Your Humble Blogger with Elizabeth, Cathy and Fr. Martin — who, if this priest thing doesn’t work out, could open for Cher in Vegas.  He’s that funny.

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2 responses to “I'm back”

  1. It looks like Pavone is ducking the church leadership. His advisers are telling him to avoid talking. Does not look good.

    It is also funny for Pavone’s lawyer to publicly criticize the bishop about the need for privacy on the requesting a meeting yet feels comfortable giving an interview full of juicy quotes about why Pavone refuses obedience.

    It looks like the new trend for high profile priests is take the Corapi route in dealing with superiors.

    [Comment edited to remove slanderous statement. — Ed.]

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