Shock: child hit by van, left for dead, bystanders do nothing

What happens when a country like China has widespread abortion and a “one-child” policy? Things like this:

It begins last Thursday when a two-year-old girl totters into a narrow lane in a wholesale market in the thriving industrial city of Foshan in Guangdong Province and is hit by a small, white van. The driver pauses, and then pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels.

It is not the accident itself, but what happens next — or rather doesn’t happen – that has left millions of ordinary Chinese wondering where their country is heading.

One by one, no fewer than 18 passers-by are seen on closed circuit television ignoring the girl as she lies, clearly visible in the road, hemorrhaging into the gutter. Not a single one of them stops to help.

According to another report, the child was declared brain-dead, but her condition has improved. She remains in intensive care.

ALERT: The shocking and very upsetting video of this event has been shown throughout China, and is now on YouTube.

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27 responses to “Shock: child hit by van, left for dead, bystanders do nothing”

  1. When life is not considered sacred and it is considered disposable in more ways than one, this is what we are left with – indifference!

    God help us!

  2. Shades of Kitty Genovese:

    However, this is no mere “bystander effect.” This is the result of state-sponsored dehumanization and terror. It isn’t that the poor child’s life was considered in some idiosyncratic way to be cheap and indispensable to the bystanders. No normal person could think such a thing.

    The sick reality is that the people hold their own lives cheap, as they are mere objects whose existence is at the whim of a government that views the individual as a depersonalized entity that exists to further the greater good of the state.

    We become what we think we are.

  3. Just said another prayer of thanks for my beautiful daughter born in China and for her birth parents, especially her birth mother, who allowed her to live.

  4. Just clicked on the photo of the baby with her mother (I cannot watch the video). Offering prayers for those grief stricken parents.

  5. One of the biggest obstacles in China to getting someone to help in this kind of situation is that in the eyes of the law, the person who is helping is probably the guilty party. A few years ago a judge in Nanjing awarded a woman who fell off a bus a huge financial settlement from a young man who happened to be there and helped her up. Compensation is also significantly less if the injured party dies. Only yesterday afternoon as the video and news about the toddler in Foshan spread across China, a teenager was arrested in Wuhan for helping a woman who had been hit by a car. If the teenager’s story is true, the other driver got away and he is now the target for blame.

  6. I believe Gerald got it right when he said “The sick reality is that the people hold their own lives cheap..” Unfortunately I think that human life has never had an intrinsic value in that society. Maybe this incident will be a turning point of sorts.
    Sorry, I can’t watch the video. Has anyone heard if the child is still living?

  7. This the most brutal think I’ve seen in a long, long time, and am a U.S. Army and U.S. Marines veteran. My God! This little girl was treated like a dog, it is just sickening. Where were her parents? And the vehicle that run over her initially could clearly see her before she was struck. Then they have the gall to run over her again with the rear wheels. This is sick in the extreme.

    But before we struck our breasts and condemn, let us remember Katie Genovese here in the U.S. and the fact that millions of children are slaughtered in the abortion mills in the same callous, sickening way.

  8. I hardly know how to respond to this since such an unspeakable act cannot conjure up the appropriate words. A society devoid of God and of His goodness and love cannot demonstrate love for any living creature. How can a society become so callous and cold?

  9. I’m sorry, but this event says nothing about how the Chinese people regard human life, and especially the lives of children. My two children were adopted from China, and I have spent a fair amount of time there. The one-child policy is evil, but the people are not! This incident has shocked the people of China just as much as it has shocked us. There are no easy explanations for why these people left the little girl there. I have seen another website where someone commented “this is what happens when a country has too many people.” No, this was the result of callousness and/or cowardice by about a dozen people in a nation of over a billion. When I was in China to adopt my first child, my impression was that the Chinese love and care for children. Ladies would come up to me on the street to tug at my baby’s sleeves, and scold me gently for not having her all covered up — in July!

  10. Deacon, this story is so deeply tragic, but your comments are once again on the mark. The Chinese have known centuries of pain and the current government has done nothing to enhance human rights, in fact they have stripped the people there of even the joy over children, by enforcing their one child policy! Prayer is so need for them!

    I have friends here who have adopted some of the unwanted girl children and they weep for the country their daughters come from even as they rejoice in their lovely daughters!

    Sadly, America has support the Chinese “one child” policy through several of our agencies and at the UN for years! Cong. Chris Smith of NJ continues to speak out about this crime against humaity! God bless him!

    Pray for the poor parents! Ii know how easily you can blink and your little one slips away and then tragedy happens!My cousin died in such a manner. Ask for your gaurdian angel’s care every day!

  11. Catherine,

    I also have 2 gifts from God, who were born in China. Part of me cannot believe that such a great people could walk by and do nothing. And part of me is not surprised either.
    I simply do not know what to think of this.
    I just thank God and love my 2 daughters more than words could ever express.

    When I tuck them in at night, i see the love of Jesus that brought us together as forever family. I cannot fathom what the family is going through.

    I have experienced what you said about keeping babies covered in July. But last year, when we adopted out second, we mostly saw stares and looks of scorn. It was disheartening.

  12. I guess we were lucky. We experienced nothing but warmth and kindness, in two very different provinces, and in major cities. The officials with whom we dealt clearly cared about the children as well. We were put through a lot of hoops in order to adopt — the Chinese were not going to hand their children over to just anyone, despite the stories one sees suggesting that they are “selling” babies. Again, I believe that this horrible episode was an anomaly, just as I would hope people would not judge America or New York by the death of Kitty Genovese.

  13. PS I would suggest that the best way to combat the one-child policy is to support adoption from China, and to support charities (like the Half the Sky Foundation) that help care for the children who are not adopted. I was speaking to a friend who is an immigrant from China this weekend, and she remarked that, in all the hoopla about the growth in China’s economy, people forget that many of the Chinese people are still terribly poor.

  14. I felt a lump in my throat when I read about that poor little girl so brutally run down and left for dead….. I’ll light a candle to Our Blessed Lady for her and her parents tomorrrow before Mass. Does anyone know how the little girl is?

  15. This is a real personification of evil! We have before us a picture of what hell is like. The Chinese version of the video is the real thing. We need to come face to face with the horror of this reality for us to be able to see what is happening to us, creatures of God, and come to the realization that without God in our lives, we are capable of this heinous act. St. Philip Neri said, “If but for the grace of God, there go I.” God bless us all!

  16. Would the child that was hit have been helped had that child been a boy?? This was a little girl and if I understand correctly, a girl child is not very important in the eyes of many Chinese. Many are terminated before birth, or taken to an orphanage or just left for dead in a trash heap. I taught a little girl from China who had been found on a trash heap, and was taken by someone to an orphanage.

  17. No, it would not have made a difference if the child had been a girl. The Chinese do not despise girls. The reason why so many Chinese girls have been abandoned under the cruel one-child policy is economic. There is no pension system in China, and (as I mentioned before) the great majority of the population is still extremely poor, and many rely on some form of manual labor to support themselves. Hence the preference for boys. I have a daughter and a son from China, and BOTH were abandoned by their birth mothers as infants under the one-child policy.

  18. In Canada last month a young woman was given community service for killing her newborn and throwing it over a fence. The judge said since we have abortion at any time here in this country the people of Canada realize how onerous childbirth and children are so we would feel sympathy for her. The news media didn’t cover this. They have spent more time talking about a polar bear mom who killed it’s cub than this precedent setting case. I weep. Bystanders are everywhere and we in Canada I am ashamed to say have no moral high ground to stand on.

  19. Damn! Where did the instincts of those 18 Effing people go! I mean come on? Everybody even helps a sick puppy much more a BABY GIRL!

    [Comment edited for offensive content. — Ed.]

  20. I will pray for the child, ***** the Chinese government or whoever made their lousy laws. Their police doesn’t even know due process that they will just prosecute the person that helped the victim.

  21. #22 Catherine W.: Thank you for responding to my question. I don’t think I have ever met a someone who had adopted a boy from China—only girls.

  22. What has happened to our world, when people in any country can walk past the body of an innocent child like this. MY GOD !!!!
    I did hear that the license plate numbers were in clear view, of both vehicles that hit and ran over her.

    I also heard that she passed away today >>>>> is that true ??

    I only hope that the Chinese court system truly makes this right ……

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