Somewhere in heaven, St. Francis is smiling

Check out this touching video about an animal rescue out west.

The story:

Nili was dumped in the desert, and just sat there, waiting for her owner. My dear friends, Liraz and Alan saw her as they were driving home from Nevada to California and tried to help her. They spent 6 hours the first day, 6 hours the second day, and then they called me for help.

Find out more at Hope For Paws.  And see Nili’s story below.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. A sweet story, and thank goodness a happy ending–thank you for posting.

  2. I think some salt got in my eyes. I’m just going to go hug my dogs now, okay?

  3. Irish Spectre says:

    Did they spend all of the donated money? No offense, but that dog could stand a stiff dose of plastic surgery!

  4. God bless those wonderful people who came to little Nili’s aid! And thank you for sharing this story with us, Deacon Greg!

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