"Today is a glorious day for the church": beautiful ordination video from Milwaukee

It features something truly extraordinary, and deeply moving: the ordination of a man who is deaf.  Just watch.

H/T Imprisoned in My Bones

YouTube Preview Image

  • http://www.canonlaw.info Ed Peters

    Very, very cool. What great guys, all. I know Fr. CK from deaf retreat work. You might keep his family in your special prayers. CK’s dad died a couple after this ordination.

  • http://www.canonlaw.info Ed Peters

    sorry, weeks, a couple weeks.

  • justamouse

    ack, I’m crying.

  • Fr Francis

    Good news for the Church and handicapped.

  • Irish Spectre

    …truth and beauty, hope and joy!!!

  • http://www.shaw.ca John. Flipsen

    Dear Deacon. Would you pease separate the picture were a couple of deacons are lying on the floor. Alitle boy also laid down on the floor. I found this a touching picture. I would love to have that picture. Thanks God Bless. John

  • Fred

    Truly awesome…Thank you.