Update: police in China arrest two in death of little girl

You may remember this horrific video of a little girl run over by a van — and the bystanders who did nothing.

An update, from the AP:

Police formally arrested two drivers suspected of running over a toddler who died a week after she was struck on a busy market street in southern China and was ignored by passers-by, newspapers reported Sunday.

The Beijing News and other outlets said Sunday police in the city of Foshan concluded their initial investigation and ordered the two men formally arrested, a step that almost always leads to a trial.

It did not say what they were being charged with and calls to Foshan police were unanswered.

The death of 2-year-old Wang Yue gained widespread coverage in the Chinese media and prompted soul-searching over declining morality and callousness toward the sufferings of others.

The accident on Oct. 13 was captured by gruesome security camera footage, leading to police identifying the vehicles.

For seven minutes after the first van struck the girl, 18 people walked or cycled by the bleeding toddler before a scrap picker scoops her up and takes her to her mother, who rushes into the street looking for her.


  1. Don from NH says:

    Thank God, maybe there is some human decency in China.

    There was no need for this incident and many more people should be held accountable.

  2. This story truly broke my heart, but I at least take great comfort in the fact that she is in a “much better place.”

  3. Is that what the little girl looked like? What a beautiful face. May God have a extra special place in his heart for her. Like Klaire, this story broke my heart too.

  4. Catherine Windels says:

    I’m glad they made the arrests so quickly. This story is heart-breaking. And, as I said on an earlier discussion of this episode, of course there is human decency in China! There was a national outcry in China over this tragic episode.

  5. This is exactly a modern day re-experience of the parable of the Good Samaritan(Luke 10:25-37). The little girl is the beaten Samaritan, the car drivers and everyone who walked or cycled by are the priests and the Levite, and that trash picker, the outcast of society, was the Good Samaritan.

  6. Those people who just walked and took her for granted should be held accountable too. They contributed to the sufferring and early death of this toddler. If only they cared, perhaps she could have survived

  7. In all of the articles I’ve read, not one has addressed why the child was in the ally in the first place! Why was she alone in the street and why did it take her mom 7 min to find her? How far away from where this happened is her home?

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