Welcome, Frank!

All the Patheos crew is here to welcome Frank “Why I Am Catholic” Weathers to his new port of call!

Welcome, pal!

Anyone who, within hours of arrival, cheerfully posts a picture of Thomas Merton’s grave is aces in my book.

UPDATE: Read Frank’s own story right here.


  1. Leslie Norwood says:

    I think Frank would be a good fit here.

    Scalia, Kandra, Shea and now the self appointed tough Marine Frank Weathers!

    watch out faithful catholics, they’re coming after you!

  2. I’m starting to think that “self-appointed” is becoming one of those perfectly brainless insults that people fling around for purely acoustic reasons with no regard for what it actually means. It’s like “literal” as in “Fr. Pavone is literally squirrelled away”. Think, Leslie. How in hell is Weathers a “self-appointed” Marine? If you are going to call names at least be creative enough to have the epithet make sense, for heaven’s sake!

    Once again, I have to wonder what bubble a person lives in to regard Scalia, Kandra, Weathers or me as somehow constituting a threat to faithful Catholics. It’s as dumb as the little combox screed the other day arraigning Lizzie Scalia as a damn librul. How utterly cut off from ordinary human discourse must you be to say something that dumb? If Lizzie is a liberal, what must the reader do in the presence of actual liberals? Burst into flames?

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