Worth a thousand words

A man uses his phone to take a picture of a memorial, placed in tribute to Steve Jobs, outside an Apple store in New York.

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3 responses to “Worth a thousand words”

  1. I think that’s a non-iPhone; I do appreciate the gesture.

    [On closer inspection, I think you may be right! I adjusted the caption. Dcn. G.]

  2. As someone who’s never had a Mac or an iAnything, I’m perhaps particularly ill suited (or well suited??) to comment, but images such as this are just creepy, an acute sign of the profound confusion today between materialism and the holy.

  3. Could not agree with you more, Irish Spectre—first noticed this in the difference in the public outcry of grief between Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.
    The constant news stories about how wonderful he was is way over the top. Steve Jobs was beyond brilliant—but gee whiz—this is not the death of Pope John Paul II.
    Steve Jobs engaged in some shady business practices and fathered a daughter that he refused to acknowledge. The daughter and her mother lived on welfare for years while Steve Jobs lied in court until forced to take a paternity test and acknowledge her.
    I would never take away from him that he was great at what he did—but the all our worshipful eulogies and connonizations seem that our priorities are skewed.

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