Worth a thousand words

From Fr. Frank Pavone’s Twitter feed this weekend:


  1. Right on, Fr. Frank! Just like Martin Luther too! Oh, wait…

  2. This sort of underhanded commentary makes me sad. While I completely sympathize with his frustration, commentary like this serves to hurt the Church more than help it. :(

  3. justamouse says:

    And the opposite side of that coin is Padre Pio.

  4. Does anyone agree that many have had to put up with issues of authority in the Church. The list is a long one. In fact, the liberals often complain about their side being abused by authority. Could it be more about the mission of priest for life than about a concern over obedience and silence.

    Care to guess how many have lined up behind Rev. Roy Bourgeois on the liberal side and we see in other post on this blog how he is marching and chanting in the Vatican. Where are the weekly blog posts on this priest calling for silence and obedience. Not sure if he has a twitter, but if so, I would suspect it has far more dissent that this post.

    There are still those out there chanting for Daniel and Philip Berrigan and their being forced out of elective office to shut them up…

    We also see that any attempt to bring Catholic politicians back into the full teaching of the Catholic Church as Church authority run wild..

    Same is true of those like Frances Kissling, Fr. Charles Curran, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, SSND, Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, and many others…

    It is kind of amazing how some are outraged at a dispute between this single priest and his bishop, not on non negotiable Church teaching, but about a dispute of money cry out for total silence and obedience. I note that many liberals are voicing massive concern over changes in the litergy which has been long worked on and approved by a large margin by the USCCB.

  5. Ha ha – Greta, if you wanna find out where the blogs are decrying Fr. Roy and the fact that he’s still considered a “priest” at all, come over to my page…

    You’ll find plenty of space devoted to my prayers for him to give up this women priest nonsense.

    However, you may be right that in Fr. Pavone’s case, the fact that he’s pro-life and has taken a very aggressive approach to his mission has given a whole new life to the media blitz against him. Granted, he’s also a much better known priest than many others who may have fallen “into dispute” with their “bosses.”

    Food for thought nonetheless.

    In my mind, however, obedience is obedience is obedience. Obedience while grumbling about it doesn’t have the same ring of humility that Padre Pio or St. Faustina showed. There’s something to be said for that.

    This sort of underhanded commentary doesn’t help. It only hurts. Just my opinion.

  6. Greta:

    “There are still those out there chanting for Daniel and Philip Berrigan and their being forced out of elective office to shut them up…”

    Please elaborate. Thanks.

  7. After receiving yet another email blast last night from actionnow@freefrfrank.com, I’d finally had it and sent a reply explaining how the tone of their (and PFL) emails is turning me away from any organization affiliated with Fr. Pavone. I’m tired of this nonsense, and this absurd tweet only solidifies my stance. Obedience is not merely of the body, it is of the heart. Fr. Frank may “obediently” be in Amarillo, but his heart most certainly is not. That saddens me. His bishop deserves better, the laity deserve better, those non-Catholics who may be witnessing this deserve better and, most of all, Christ deserves better–Fr. Frank’s whole and entire being, not competition for the role of savior.

  8. The difference with Fr. Frank is that one would expect better from him as one who would toe the line on ALL aspects of Church teaching.

    No one is surprised when someone who is in dissent flaunts ecclesial authority, because he or she already has just be dissenting.

    But when an otherwise orthodox (to all outward appearances) priest decides to jettison any sense of respect, humility or obedience to his bishop, we are right to be concerned. After all, we only lobby against those teachings we find inconvenient…

    St. Ignatius of Antioch, pray for us.

  9. Diakonos09 says:

    Oh man why do I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that reminds me of the past Corapi episode? NOT that the offense is similar but their response to authority seems to be so…

  10. Teresa was a reformer. Not a disobedient superstar.

  11. The Berrigans were never in elective office. Greta may be thinking of Robert Drinan, who did leave his elected position when directed to do so, and made this statement: “It is just unthinkable, I am proud and honored to be a priest and a Jesuit. As a person of faith I must believe that there is work for me to do which somehow will be more important than the work I am required to leave.” As for the Berrigans, Phillip, at least, didn’t “shut up” until he died. Daniel has been relatively quiet in his senior years and it is quite possible that that has been in response to a request by his superiors.

  12. sj #11;

    Ah, the Berrigans!
    I attended a talk given by Daniel Berrigan in a Protestant church outside of Philadelphia in the late 60s. He was “on the lam” and lived in churches that offered him sanctuary. When he was caught and sent to jail, I remember reading that Lawrence Joseph Shehan, Archbishop of Baltimore, who also was against the Vietnam War, visited him in jail.

    A few years later he gave a retreat in the retreat center in the diocese where I was living at that time. He just stood there, opened the bible that he held in his hand, read a passage and told us what it meant. Mesmerizing! I had a paperback book of his “No Bars to Manhood” and asked him to sign it for my son, who was around 8 years old at the time. I hope my son still has it somewhere among his possessions after all these years.

  13. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    A colleague at CBS attended a reading by Daniel Berrigan a few years back and brought me back a nice gift: a copy of his latest book, signed to me with the word “Peace” above his signature.

    Dcn. G.

  14. Greg:
    You reminded me. Dan Berrigan wrote a little message in addition to his signature. It was nice and personal. Too bad I can’t remember it.

  15. Fiergenholt says:

    Robert Drinan? Yup! remember him well. Democratic U. S. Representative from Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District. Law Professor. Unusual appointment as a first term congressman to the House Judiciary Committee and played a major role in the investigation which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Well like and well respected.

    Oh, yes. The only Roman Catholic priest — and one of those Jesuits at that — ever elected to Congress.

  16. Fiergenholt:

    I would not be surprised it would have been reelected had he remained in the House, but, as you probably know, he resigned when the pope demanded that priests should not be involved in elected offices in 1980.

    “It is just unthinkable,” he said of the idea of renouncing the priesthood to stay in office. “I am proud and honored to be a priest and a Jesuit. As a person of faith I must believe that there is work for me to do which somehow will be more important than the work I am required to leave.” (Boston Globe Obit.)

    I don’t think I need to make any references to current issues relative to several priests in the U.S.

  17. I don’t find that endearing or cute or clever at all. Makes me more skeptical of Fr. Pavone than anything else.

  18. Maureen T. Avila says:

    to 1,2,3 4 5 6
    Fr. Frank Pavone’s situation bears no resemblance to Martin Luther’s dissent since Martin Luther was a heretic and Fr. Frank Pavone is an orthodox and faithful priest who has taugh dogmatic theology at St. Joseph”s Seminary in the graduate program in the Archdiocese New York.

    Fr. Frank Povone’s situation bears little resemblance to Padre Pio’s situation which included suspensions of faculty to hear confessions, restriction of saying Mass to private Masses, and seclusion from the other monks in his monastery. Fr. Frank’s priestly faculties are not suspended as his bishop explains.

    Also, Fr. Frank’s situation is not like Padre Pio because :

    1 Fr. Frank does not have bleeding holes in his hands, feet, and side which are causing a stir among the public and are under investigation for authenticity by the Vatican.

    2 Fr. Frank does not have a severe case of tuberculosis which is highly contagious unless treated(antibiotics did not exist at the time).

    3 Fr. Frank is not being accused of an impropriety with a woman , as was Padre Pio .

    5,6, 7, 8 ,9
    “obedience is obedience is obedience”
    There are situations where one does not owe blind obedience to just anyone who wishes to
    evoke it..even one’s bishop.
    Fr. Frank explained from the beginning that he was not obliged by canon law to go to meet his bishop now because his dispute was pending.

    St. Teresa of Avila had difficulty establishing her convents and sought sympathetic bishops… once she even had to sneak into a town and establish a new convent during the night.
    Her co-founder for the male order of reform , St. John of the Cross ,
    was imprisoned in a small, dark cell by his own brothers in religion…and escaped only by the help of a vision of Our Lady.

    I was at Maryland in the 1960′s when Fr.Berrigan with 8 others broke into a government office and poured blood on draft cards. In these times it is sometimes difficult to judge which wars are just and which are not. As far as I know the Pope never called the Vietnam war unjust. Actions such as this one by Fr. Berrigan can be confusing to catholic men who are fighting wars, and these actions can worsen post traumatic stress syndrome among troops.

    Autualy Fr. Frank Pavone’s situation bears an uncanny resemblance to the removal in New York of the late Bishop Sheen from national prime time TV by the late Cardinal, archbishop Spellman of New York. Many have seen re-runs of Bishop Sheen on EWTN and can testify that he was an outspoken defender of the Faith who made many converts.

    Some accused Bishop Sheen of pride, and some have accused Blessed John Paul ii of being a media addict…but the truth is that humility is probably the least understood of the virtues. ….and even Christ was accused of a lack of it.
    I love Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s oft repeated remark: “No one has ever accused me of humility”.

  19. It really saddens me how rabid the Fr. Frank Pavone bashers are.

    A baseless question about his financials are raised and all of a sudden a witch hunt is on the rise and people have automatically crucified the man. branding him guilty before the man had a chance to speak and defend himself against the lies that was hurled out to the public to taint his good reputation.

    All Fr. Frank did was just chose to lead and live a life that was focused on saving the lives of not just the unborn babies but also preserving the sanctity and dignity of life itself.

    First Bishop Zurek claims financial improprieties but when that couldn’t stick he now paints a very disobedient priest in Fr Frank.

    The thing is: Fr Frank is obedient. And I agree he does not need to stop voicing out that lives still need to be saved. After all, I HAVEN’T HEARD BISHOP ZUREK MAKE A SINGLE COMMENT AT ALL THAT THE UNBORN NEEDS PROTECTION AGAINST THE RISK OF ABORTION!!!!!

    So Fr Frank MUST speak up still.

    He has to.

    Lives at risk of being killed need someone to speak up for them!

  20. Barbara Peters says:

    I saw Daniel Berrgan give a talk a few years ago at a Church in Queens. I was moved by his gentleness. He told a wonderful story about being with Martin Luther King in a Church in Alabama the night before a protest. If I remember the story correctly, there were alot of angry peope outside and they were all afraid. Father Berrgan said that Dr. King looked at them and said “a Church is a place to go out from.” They all went out. I hope I remembered this right!

  21. HMS, you and others are correct, I had the berrigans confused with Drinan. Hell getting old. I should have done some search work on that one first instead of going on memory.

    In going over a little history of the Berrigans after reading the glowing comments here, it in a way shows that breaking laws and committing both misdomeners and felonies is OK if it is done in support of liberal causes.

    So lets compare what the Berrigans did versus Father Pavone. first Father Pavone has broken no laws that i am aware of. He has not married a nun, kept it secret, and then left his vows behind. When called by his bishop, he went to Amarillo and requested a hearing on his problems with his bishop who had used language usually associated with a priest who has been charged with a wrongdoing not once but twice showing obvious bias. He has not dissented from Church teaching in any way. Now to the hero’s of some here…

    The Berrigans;

    served many years in jail for acts which broke the law including breaking into government offices and stealing draft information. In one instance they poured human blood all over the government information and in another the took it into the parking lot and set it on fire using a home made napalm. When the priests were tried in court and found guilty, rather than obey the law and serve their time, they went into hiding. They also broke into a Federal Nuclear Missile facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where they damaged nuclear warhead nose cones and poured blood onto documents and files. They spent time on the FBI most wanted list for their acts of terror and for fleeing after their sentencing.

    Their leadership tried on many occasions to have them stop breaking the law and at one point sent them to Latin America. they were also removed from teaching posts for refusing to stop creating havoc and also from several parishes. They did not accept being a priest and gaining fulfillment in this alone as some have suggested Father Pavone should.

    Philip Berrigan married while still a priest and hide that information from his superiors. His bride was a nun and later they both left behind their vows leading to excommunication from the Church

    Daniel Berrigan flew to Hanoi while we were at war as did Jane Fonda the same year while our soldiers were being killed during the Tet offensive and held prisoners with brutal torture far beyond anything the US would be bashed for doing years later.

    Daniel vocally supports special rights for gays in direct contradiction to Church teaching. They were also supporters of Liberation Theology aligning themselves with others preaching what Pope John Paul II emphatically stated should not be accepted. The Berrigans continued to support the most radical forms of liberation theology even after the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith gave official condemnations of certain elements of liberation theology in 1984 and 1986 and several of those who dissented were later excommunicated.

    So in a way, this string of comments shows how the liberals see no issue with massive dissent, felonies, and other forms of disobedience, but if a father pavone does not toe the line, is bashed. Interesting.

  22. We are getting O/T Fr Pavone, but I never heard that Dan Berrigan was “vocally suppporting special rights for gays”. I do know that he is pro-life which has caused others in the (admittedly now antique) anti-war movement to shun him.

  23. Fr Francis says:

    It may be that Fr Pavone has a problem with pride, and his bishop with imprudence as we read their public comments. The Vatican never accepts a case that has not been handled locally, so expect that to take place in Amarillo The two clerics have other great gifts so how about we pray and wait. Leave the gossip to those who do not have the facts.

  24. Fiergenholt says:

    #22 Therese

    “I do know that he (Dan Berrigan ?) is pro-life which has caused others in the (admittedly now antique) anti-war movement to shun him.”

    –I’ll accept your position that Dan Berrigan is “pro-life” — never had any reason to doubt that anyway.

    –I do have some serious doubts whether the anti-war movement ever shunned him at all. Never heard that before — even from some of the most vocal of those folks.

    –And I know a lot of folk, including some who are regular commentators here on DCN Greg’s blog, who would argue against your statement that the anti-war movement is an “antique.”

  25. I read somewhere that almost every major heresy has been instigated by a bishop. What a sad fact. I question Bs Zurek’s imprudent letter and decisions. His last Amarillo Diocese post mentioned a “private” meeting between Fr. Frank and himself. If the meeting were private why was it publicized? Fr. Frank is being obedient. There are so many other questions revolving in my mind. Hmm.Would Fr. Frank follow his bishop into error? I think not! Was St. Athanasius sinful in his refusal to give into the Arians, even when directed to do so by legitimate authority? Was St. John Damascene sinfully disobedient in his battles against iconoclasm? There is much history in the Catholic church that needs to be looked at in this situation. A Catholic’s obedience to his bishop is limited against commission of sin, if said is requested or demanded by his Ordinary, and also is limited in demands of acquiescence or commission of error. The Magisterium of the RCC consists of the Pope & the bishops in union with him. Thank God, there appears to be no major doctrinal issue in this sad confusing situation. Many are concerned at Bs Zurek’s “prudent” decisions and pastoral approach. Who died and made Bs Zurek God? Is a bishop so sacrosanct that there should never be a public word of criticism uttered against him? Ok maybe it’s true that a Bishop should be obeyed (if he has scruples that is). We have a duty and a right to ask questions, in public even, and yes we can put pressure on a Bishop who happens to be Fr. Frank’s ordinary. Why not? He is messing with a priest who is not only someone he “shepherds” but a priest who happens to be one of the top “PROLIFE” leaders in the US of A. Personally, it looks like this “ordinary” is heading in a direction contrary to sensus fidelium ‘sense of the faithful.’ Canon law 212. §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they [the faithful] have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.
    The main question here is what is/are Bs. Zurek’s motive (s). Let us raise our voices in support of Fr. Frank and the work of PFL. I just finished participating in a very intersting survey at FREEFRFRANK.COM

  26. Greta #21:

    “Hell getting old.”

    I would say you are pretty sharp for any age.

    “They did not accept being a priest and gaining fulfillment in this alone as some have suggested Father Pavone should.”

    Sa far as I know, Daniel Berrigan is a Jesuit priest in good standing and lives with a Jesuit community in New York.

    True, he broke the law but paid the price in jail time. I remember reading somewhere that Lawrence Joseph Shehan, Archbishop of Baltimore, who also was against the Vietnam War, visited him in jail. (It may have been in “No Bars to Manhood.”)

    He is also a pro-life activist in addition to being anti-war and against the death penalty.

    “I come to the abortion question by way of a long, long experience with the military and the mainline violence of the culture, expressed in war . . . So I go from the Pentagon and being arrested there, to the cancer hospital, and then I think of abortion clinics, and I see an “interlocking directorate” of death that binds the whole culture. That is, an unspoken agreement that we will solve our problems by killing people in various ways; a declaration that certain people are expendable, outside the pale.” (1979)

  27. Maureen T. Avila says:

    to 23
    “It may be that Fr. Frank has a problem with pride..etc.”
    “Leave the gossip to those who do not have the facts.”

    The fact is that the gossip i have heard hear near Human Life International where the former VP of priests for life just became the VP of HLI is that Fr. Frank has a problem with pride. Now, it is not gay pride nor black pride nor feminist pride, so what kind of pride is it that is so disturbing …is it zealous,orthodox, faithful heterosexual priest pride?

    Surely pride such as this could be burned away by trial by fire at some flaming retreat house.

    So let’s take our time with the meetings so Fr. Frank doesn’t jump into anything too soon like catholic political action which could be “offensive” at this critical time for our nation. Who knows , prideful Fr. Frank might save some people, some souls, and even help save our country… so let go about this whole thing carefully and slowly. ..and don’t get Rome and good heavens, do not get the Pope involved in any of this trivia.

  28. What a sad spectacle … so discouraging to watch good men sink under ….

  29. Maureen T. Avila says:

    to 28

    Habemus Papam??????

  30. The person who listens to gossip is even worse than the person who tells it, because no harm could be done by gossip if no one listened to it. It has been said that disparaging speech kills three: the person who speaks it, the person who hears it, and the person about whom it is told. Is this what is happening on these so called conservative Catholic Blogs? I see it’s occurring on the non Catholic blogs and internet venues as well.

    With that said, I’ve done a little research and found some interesting reflections from the Catholic Catechism:

    “Detraction and calumny destroy the reputation and honor of one’s neighbor. Honor is the social witness given to human dignity, and everyone enjoys a natural right to the honor of his name and reputation and to respect. Thus, detraction and calumny offend against the virtues of justice and charity” (2479).

    “…detraction who, without objectively valid reason, discloses another’s faults and failings to persons who did not know them” (2479b).

    This sounds right up Bishop Zurek’s alley.

    “Humility might make us indifferent even to a good reputation, were it not for charity’s sake; but seeing that it is a groundwork of society, and without it we are not merely useless but positively harmful to the world, because of the scandal given by such a deficiency, therefore charity requires, and humility allows, us to desire and to maintain a good reputation with care” (St. Francis de Sales, Bishop, Introduction to the Devout Life).

    Enough people!!! Fr. Frank appealed the Vatican. Haven’t we all had enough of this ?

  31. Dan Berrigan’s disobedience was to resist the powers of this world–as is the disobedience of those who resist the culture of death today (by which I mean standing on the line and risking comfort and reputation to turn people from abortion, capital punishment, gang violence, human trafficking, etc–not tweeting for funds that will go to pay for more fundraising, while allowing oneself to be proclaimed the only savior of the unborn, and one’s bishop a tool of Satan). In his relationship with his superiors and his Church, Fr Berrigan has always been humble and obedient.

    One of my most treasured memories was taking Fr Berrigan out for a drink after a speech in the early 1970s. The Mexican restaurant he had a hankering for was closed, so we made do with Korean, and over sake and kimchi 5 or 6 of us listened with deep gratitude to the quiet thoughts of this poet of peace. Prayer and reflection are part of the fabric of his soul, not things he ever had to be ordered to do. He knew what it means to be imprisoned for Christ–and might remind Fr Pavone that it’s a far cry from living in a convent in Texas, however humble the surroundings.

  32. Maureen T. Avila says:

    to 31
    We know from spiritual writers, St.Theresa of Avila and others that the devil can mimic peace and even humility , but not obedience. Fr. Frank has been obedient to his superiors, to his vows and to canon law.
    Father Frank does not complain about his accommodations, just the fact that he is prevented from doing what he believes is the will of God, and which has tested positive as the will of God over 20 years. We are also in a very critical time in our country where Father’s work is more important than ever.

  33. jkm

    sorry, but I would not look at daniel and philip Berrigan as obedient to Church authority. Does Church authority back breaking into government office and destroying government property and in the process comitting felonies?

    Imagine if Father Pavone broke into abortion mills and three human blood on all their files or took the files and set off home made napalm to burn them in the parking lot. Some here cannot stand to see pictures of the dead babies displayed, let along violence acts which are against the law to the level of felonies.

    Imagine if Father Pavone had married a nun and kept it secret and on it getting out quit his vows along with his nun wife her vows.

    Daniel Berrican refused to stop teaching whatever he wanted at two schools and had to be dismissed from his job assignment given to him by his order.

    My point again is that many here seem to want to make a saint out of these two brothers who were priest and who led a life of disobedience, but have come down with a ton of bricks on another priest over a disagreement with his bishop over financial questions for which he has not even be accused of any wrongdoing. Some cannot understand that this is what drives conservatives crazy about liberals in the Church and outside the Church.

    You seem to be saying that because these priests went to jail and served their time, everything is OK and for serving time in prison, they should some how be held up on high. Again, if Father Pavone had broken the law and committed felonies in his mission to end the holocaust of abortion, which has killed far more people than the vietnam war and capital punishment combined, the left would be calling for his head. Proof is clear in the bashing of those who use pictures of the impact abortion has on its victims. But I just saw in my searches on Berrigan, a picture right behind him in a march showing the impact on children of napalm and remember that is why he used the homemade napalm in burning files from a government office.

  34. And now Fr. Pavone jumps the shark from possible sympathetic character to passive-aggressive disobedient jerk

    Oh, and nice how he compares himself to a Saint in that tweet. Pfft!

  35. Richard Johnson says:

    Greta: “sorry, but I would not look at daniel and philip Berrigan as obedient to Church authority. Does Church authority back breaking into government office and destroying government property and in the process comitting felonies?

    Imagine if Father Pavone broke into abortion mills and three human blood on all their files or took the files and set off home made napalm to burn them in the parking lot. Some here cannot stand to see pictures of the dead babies displayed, let along violence acts which are against the law to the level of felonies.”

    I would suspect that had Daniel Berrigan broken into an abortion clinic and done this, you would be supporting his cause for sainthood. Instead, since he was anti-war (a cause that you and the Church disagree about), you chastise him.

    I wonder what calumny you would be spreading about him if he had broken into a Wall Street brokerage and overturned their file cabinets and chased after the traders with a whip?

  36. Father Pavone has hired a canon lawyer and appealed his case to Rome. Now, either we believe that God will make His perfect will known through His Apostolic Successors, or we do not.

    We either believe that He works through the authority structure He created, or we do not.

    There has emerged a vicious conspiratorial tone against, “The Bishops” in recent weeks, even though there is only ONE bishop currently engaged in a debate with Father Pavone.

    The Berrigans are not the issue here.

    “The Bishops” are not the issue here.

    What is at issue here is a dispute between a priest and his bishop over the prudential use of monies by the priest, and the bishop’s perception of that priest’s “priestly bearing”.

    The Chinese have a proverb, that you cannot push the river along. I think that God is a big boy and can see to it that His will is done. I’m also certain that the many priests of Priests for Life, having been trained by Father Pavone, will no doubt continue this vital ministry in his absence.

    Breathe, people.


    God is in charge.

  37. Cheryl-Helene Thomson says:

    God is in charge. How do we know? Well, look at the USA/Europe NATO alliance. White phosphorus bombs were used on the population of Sirte, Libya’s infrastructure has been destroyed, the Man-Made River that was the wonder of the desert has been bombed… all because supposedly civilized nations cared about civilians. Yes, the Berrigans still have a lot to teach us, now that no one in the Catholic leadership is taking their place, while war criminals within America are never prosecuted. Yes, God is in charge, and He allows the cup of our abominations to fill up, to fill up, to fill up. Yes, God is in charge. Our Lord Jesus Christ told Sister Faustina that the merits of a priest like Father Sopocko did not depend on what he accomplished, but on how much he suffered. God is in charge. God knows that Satan is the prince of this world. It is only by God’s mercy that the human race ever enjoys any time of peace or any semblance of justice. God is in charge. The clock of ticking. It will be His way, or the highway, for all of us. Fr. Pavone is innocent, but he has been destroyed before our eyes. Fr. Corapi was innocent. Fr. Euteneuer was innocent. Don’t want to believe it? Stick your heads in the sand. God is in charge.


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