Friday palate-cleanser: singing about Jesus on Letterman

Elsewhere, I’ve written about the new production of “Godspell” on Broadway, and even linked to a clever flash mob staged in Times Square.  Here’s the cast on the David Letterman show earlier this week.  (It’s always good to remember that we are the light of the world, isn’t it?) Fun fact: In the early 1970’s, Letterman’s longtime musical director Paul Shaffer was musical director for the Toronto production of the show, which featured a bunch of then-unknowns in the cast —  including Gilda Radner, Victor Garber, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin.


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7 responses to “Friday palate-cleanser: singing about Jesus on Letterman”

  1. Thank you for the preview. Our DRE and I are going to see the production on Sunday evening and I am so much looking forward to seeing it (and writing about it on my own blog). Some of our high school students went last Sunday in preparation for their own production next week and they loved it. It’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since I first saw it. My friends and I sang Day by Day at our high school graduation Mass in 1972.

  2. When I was a young 5th grade teacher at a Catholic school in Chicago, I used music from Godspell and Jesus Christ, Superstar in conjunction with religious instruction. It was a springboard for getting into the life of Christ and His message.

  3. I went to see the show this past Sunday evening with my priest-brother (a regular reader of the Deacon’s Bench), thanks to two free tickets from the production company. It was a great show, rather well updated for the digital age. I reviewed the show on my blog both for its entertainment value and its evangelical power.

    It’s nice to see and hear the Gospel being presented in a non-skeptical way.

  4. It’s one thing to perform and sing about Jesus, but i wonder how many of the cast members profess and possess to have a personal relationship with HIM!

  5. JMJ,
    Let us clutch hope as if their life depended on it….could be that the Holy Spirit is working on them at this very moment.

    Peace to all

  6. JMJ…

    Think of the thousands, if not millions, they will reach through their performances. How many lives will be changed by hearing the gospel this way?

    (As a footnote…It’s worth noting that every one of the cast members I listed from the Canadian production 40 years ago was Jewish.)

    You’re completely missing the point.

    Dcn. G.

  7. I have known actors and directors who have produced and performed GODSPELL- from college to community theater to even traveling semi-pro productions. They came to religion from all sorts of directions- from religious and christian to non christian to former catholics who considered themselves no longer practicing etc.

    My conversations were always that this production was, for those who performed the show different, special , and reached them in unique and powerful way – yes even a religious experience for some. From that point on it was between them and God.

    Deacon Greg- your point about the Canadian production reminds us that long,long before Steven Schwartz wrote the music and new lyrics for GODSPELL- the original ‘cast’ and ‘crew’ were also all Jewish. 🙂 { oy what a run}

    I can’t wait to get up to the city and see this show this fall.

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