From horror to hope: Gabby Giffords’ long journey back

Did you see the special edition of “20/20″ last night?  I was riveted, moved and ultimately uplifted.  It told the story of Gabby Giffords’ arduous journey back after being shot in the head last January, and featured her first interview, with Diane Sawyer.  The entire episode is now available online at this link. It’s a powerful glimpse of courage, persistence and — most poignantly — a deep and abiding love, fraught with challenges most of us could never even imagine.  Clearly, Giffords has her work cut out for her, but her spirit and unflagging optimism stand as a beautiful testament to something we so easily forget.  Hope doesn’t die.  Miracles do happen.

Below is a clip from “Nightline,” which includes correspondent Bob Woodruff’s own experience recovering from a similar trauma.

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  1. Bless her but she ought to resign. Her district has no representation.

  2. Dcn Greg-

    We watched this at our house last night. In great contrast to Bob Costas devastating questioning on NBC. ( the questions were direct and fair- the answers were devastating and creepy)

    You don’t have to agree with her politics to be absolutely inspired by the congresswoman’s life affirming and courageous struggle back from being shot down in January. I am in awe of her strength and that of her husband and family. She and they remain in my continued prayers.

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