Pope will light world’s largest Christmas tree with an iPad

Take that, Rockefeller Center …

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4 responses to “Pope will light world’s largest Christmas tree with an iPad”

  1. It is a funny that our local parish banned Christmas trees from the property as they are viewed as being too ‘secular’ yet the Pope will celebrate by lighting one.

    I think the tradition of Christmas trees is wonderful.

  2. Well, we just have to set the powers to be in your parish straight.

    According to legend the first Christmas tree is associated with St. Boniface (d.755), who cut down the sacred-to-the-pagans tree of Thor and replaced it with a fir tree.

    In the Middle Ages evergreen trees (symbols of eternal life) were decorated with apples to remind us of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. In fact, the day before Christmas was known in some places as “Adam and Eve” day. Later on, small wafers, unconsecrated hosts, were hung on the tree as reminders of the Bread of Life, born in Bethlehem (House of Bread) on Christmas day.

  3. Thank the Holy Spirit that in most cases the Church was guided to adapt, baptise, co-opt natural religion elements into the cycle of the liturgical year which followed the rhythm of Nature- winter is dark, Jesus brings light, sppring is new life, we have the Risen Christ. Samhain becomes Halloween to honour the saints and remember the dead in waiting release. St Patrick brought the Easter Candle to the Vigil from the Druidic fire on the Hill of Tara in Ireland, Not only did we get the evergreen symbol of Northern Europe to become the Christmas Tree. We also merged Saint Nicholas with a northern European winter myth that had a character riding through the air in a sleigh. Add Saint Nicholas from Myra, Asia Minor, today’s southern Turkey and we have a bishop, white and red and we have Santa Claus. The HO HO HO and Mrs Claus sneaked in from somewhere else !

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