A Christmas flash mob featuring…Jesus Christ?

‘Tis the season, so why not?

The spirit here — and the unabashed proclamation of faith in the public square — is just wonderful.  Stay with it to the end.  You won’t be disappointed.  (H/T to the Concord Pastor and that merry God Googler, Mike Hayes).


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9 responses to “A Christmas flash mob featuring…Jesus Christ?”

  1. A thousand times more effective than the clumsy procession with the holy eucharist featured some days ago. This was accessible, heartfelt and set just the right tone for a flash mob in a mall.

  2. Wish I’d been there. Watching these young (and old) people with the joy of Christ on their face makes me aware that I’m part of a family.

  3. This video and the joy and wonder on the faces in the crowd brought tears to my eyes. Something like this bolsters belief in the goodness of mankind.

  4. What a thrill to watch this video and see the shinning faces of all those watching and listening to so many of the beautiful and meaningful Christmas songs. Thank you for your celebrating CHRISTmas with such spiritedness and joy.

  5. It was nice to see the real meaning of Christmas at a mall when most people these days only think of the commercial side of it!

  6. Just as poignant as when “Handel’s Messiah” was sung last year in Philly. I loved it when bystanders, “fell to their knees”, and sang along!!

  7. AWESOME……I loved it – brought tears to my eyes..will play it over and
    over and send it to all my friends….thank you.

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