Another reason to get the Kindle Fire: the Divine Office app

Well, here’s an answered prayer.

After weeks of waiting and wondering, I’m delighted to report that the folks behind the excellent Liturgy of the Hours app, Divine Office, have just released a version for the Kindle Fire.

It’s been available for iPad and Android phones for a while; I have it on my EVO smartphone, and it’s superb: clear, hassle-free, easy to navigate and read.  Now, in the larger form for a Kindle Fire, it’s more breviary-sized and reader-friendly.  It  will be a welcome traveling companion — lighter and infinitely more portable than Christian Prayer or the old LOTH. You can slip on headphones or earbuds and listen to an audio version, too, complete with hymns and chants.

Curious?  Check out the Divine Office website.  You can even take it for a test drive at the Amazon link.

The price is $14.99, but I think it’s money well-spent.

While you’re app-surfing, you might want to check out as well the Daily Missal app, iMissal.  It’s available for iPhones and Android phones — though, alas, not yet for Kindle.

But I’m praying.


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  1. Ryan Ellis says:

    For those who want to pray the older form of the Divine Office (deacons can pray just Lauds and Vespers, same as LOTH rules for deacons, but in Latin), don’t forget the Breviarum Meum app.

  2. Now, if they could just make one that would ring you at the correct hours. That would be even more popular!

  3. In fact you can do this by setting up the appropriate alarms in the phone’s clock app; they can run every day and you never need to miss your coffee break with God :-)

    I thought the app was frivolous when I bought it, but I have ended up using it more than I would ever have thought – it’s always in my pocket and my brievary has a way of hiding from me on the bookshelves at home.

    God bless

  4. That’s a great idea.

  5. I purchase my Apps through Amazon Appstore for Android, because I have one of the only Android powered devices that does not use Amazon Market. And I have been using the Divine Office app (in all honesty, it was one of the reasons I purchased the Android Tablet, was that I could have a Divine Office app).
    I talked to the iMissal people about releasing it in the Amazon Appstore, but they gave me a negative answer.
    Since the release of Kindle Fire, Android apps have multiplied exponentially. I hope the Kindle Fire might convince them to change their policy.

  6. Deacon Norb says:

    Greg: I’m not that tekkie — but I’ve been using the on-line version of the Liturgy of the Hours on my MacBookPro for a bit over a month now.

  7. naturgesetz says:

    Does the Divine Office app give the new translations of the collects or does it still have the old ones?

  8. Yes, I miss having them match up!

    I would surmise that the app does not have the new translations. That will be done when they revise the Hours…which, I understand, is the next big project of this sort in the works.

    How old will we be then? Ha! Maybe it will be grandfathered for those of us of a certain age!

  9. Deacon Steve says:

    The app I use on my iPod offers both the old and the new prayer for LOTH. You can choose to use either one. I use the IBreviary from pro terra sancta. The missal feature has the new translation of the Roman missal. It is a great little app. I just update it everyday for the prayers, readings etc.

  10. Bought an Ipad earlier this year and you can get free Kindle with it. I thing I have most catholic apps (well almost all!) including several Divine Office apps but the best one in my opinion is the one named just like that Divine Office. It is a great tool.

  11. Diakonos09 says:

    I use iBreviary from and it gives BOTH collects (pre and post new translation) thus allowing you to pray with others more easily. You can download a day or a week at a time and overall its a great app for praying TLOH.

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