Take 10 minutes and just watch.  Looking for something to connect to this Sunday’s readings?  I think this does it, beautifully.  Here are glad tidings being proclaimed, and the brokenhearted being healed, in a moving and inspiring way you might not expect.  Thank you, Patrick Madrid!

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  1. Deacon Moore says:

    Why I should be struggling to come up with a homily for this Sunday is beyond me, but I have been. No more. Thanks, Greg, for sharing this.

  2. Stunning!


  3. Awesome. Thank you. Will share.

  4. Deacon Walt says:

    Thanks for sharing this video Greg. It reinforced my message as I prep for my homily this weekend.
    Do not quench the spirit. The spirit we received in Baptism.

  5. Thanks Deacon Greg. Wonderful post.

  6. Words fail.
    God bless.

  7. This is too beautiful to keep for myself! I have already passed it on. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  8. Deacon Dean says:

    Thank you!

  9. Charles L.Garris says:

    To: My dear friends and loved ones. Nearly a year ago, I became acquainted with a Blog on email, titled: The Deacon’s Bench. I check it daily and ignore much that does not interest me. This morning, I checked my email and found a message that touched me deeply. Please take a moment to watch: “Change”

    Google: “Change” by Deacon Greg Kandra, 09 Dec., 2011

    Sunday, 12/11: Yesterday, I forwarded the above message to twenty-three via
    email and have begun to receive thanks and comments from many. I will keep
    this lovely video and continue to share it with others. Today, I contacted the
    Sharon Wright Production via email to make a donation. I believe I recognize
    the elderly gentleman holding the sign – it was St. Michael The Archangel.

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