Sebelius overrules experts, blocks selling abortion pill on store shelves


In a surprise move, the nation’s health secretary stopped the Plan B morning-after pill from moving onto drugstore shelves next to the condoms, deciding Wednesday that young girls shouldn’t be able to buy it on their own.

The Food and Drug Administration was preparing to lift a controversial age limit and make Plan B One-Step the nation’s first over-the-counter emergency contraceptive, available for purchase by people of any age without a prescription.

But Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius intervened at the eleventh hour and overruled her own experts.

Plan B instead will remain behind the pharmacy counter, as it is sold today — available without a prescription only for those 17 and older who show an ID proving their age.

Sebelius’ reason: Some girls as young as 11 are physically capable of bearing children, and Plan B’s maker didn’t prove that younger girls could properly understand how to use this product without guidance from an adult.

“It is common knowledge that there are significant cognitive and behavioral differences between older adolescent girls and the youngest girls of reproductive age,” Sebelius said in a statement. “I do not believe enough data were presented to support the application to make Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age.”

It was the latest twist in a nearly decade-long push for over-the-counter sales of pills that can prevent pregnancy if taken soon enough after unprotected sex. Major doctors’ groups and women’s health advocates say easier, quicker access to those pills could cut the nation’s high number of unplanned pregnancies.

The decision shocked maker Teva Pharmaceuticals, which had been gearing up for over-the-counter sales to begin by month’s end, and women’s health groups.

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69 responses to “Sebelius overrules experts, blocks selling abortion pill on store shelves”

  1. I wonder if all the backtalk against her, making this all something she was doing, will now have people going to the confessional?

  2. Maybe it was she who went Henry. We have every right, and obligation as Catholics, to speak out against the immoral ACTIONS of K. Seballius. Doing so may have factored into this recent decision.

  3. Hardly. She’s still way opposite Catholic position on contraceptives and abortion. Good grief, she’s the abortionist in chief.

  4. We have no way of knowing that this was NOT something of her doing, Henry. It’s not unheard of for politicians to reverse a decision for political reasons while publicly presenting the move as a corrective over-ruling of too-zealous underlings.

  5. You have no right to misrepresent her or what she is doing. You know “false witness” is one of the top ten no-nos, right?

    Seriously, the rhetoric of hate which I see from some people shows me they have fully fallen for the culture of death. They have no sense of charity, no desire for truth, but every desire to demonize people even for things they are not doing, and justify it because “well, they are doing bad things.”

    That doesn’t work.

    Once again, I recommend people consider the confessional if they were making claims about her which were not true. [This is aimed at all; people can decide for themselves if it fits for themselves]

  6. Hardly?

    If people were saying she was promoting something she wasn’t, it’s ok to say it? Really? Seriously?

  7. Well, we know what she did. I love it how people like to justify their rhetoric of hate by saying “well, she was going to do it..” So, I can make all kinds of lies about you saying what you will do tomorrow, and if you don’t say “Well, you were going to do it…”? Really? This is not Catholic.

  8. Henry,

    By today’s action, Kathleen Sebelius demonstrated that she does not want 11-year old girls to risk getting sick off this Plan B One-Step pill. You somehow inflated this to be a vindication of every decision Sebelius ever made. Only the people who claimed she did not care whether 11 year olds got sick off this pill need to go to confession.

  9. Manny:
    “Good grief, she’s the abortionist in chief.”
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt here and say that you are using the figure of speech called hyperbole. Otherwise, I will have to say that you have written a bare-faced lie.

  10. No, I have not said this as a vindication of everything she did.

    Why is it all or nothing? Why can’t people recognize that extreme rhetoric is dishonest? People were acting as if this was all her desire, and it is shown, she was the one who put a stop to it. Does it make everything she did good? Obviously not. But that doesn’t discount the need for charity. If people want to know why the pro-life movement is a lost movement, all you have to do is see the hate-filled rhetoric which comes from it. This demonstrates it has yet to embrace the Gospel of Life but really continue to manifest the Culture of Death. And so why would anyone listen to those who hatefully lie about them? What trust would you garnish? None. Seriously, charity. That is what is needed. Charity.

  11. Yes, gossip and detraction are sins. Everyone sins…but, not all sin in the same manner. Please have charity in how you direct your comments.

  12. The basic “Plan-B” drug was patented around the time of the 25th anniversary of Humanae Vitae; it was first manufactured by the folks who created Zyklon-B, used in German extermination camps. No matter how or why, it is a good thing that HHS has banned the drug for over-the-counter, and with any luck at all the dangers of the drug and its factual abortifacient nature will become better known. I say, look for the good in all this and spin it as fast and as far as possible.

  13. Personally, I think that this was more of a political move, as we are moving into an election year. If this had gone forward, there would have been a HUGE outcry on this, especially as this would be available to minors.

    No, should The Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama win re-election, this will go forward. They will have four years to marginalize the Catholic Church, and push the culture of death forward.

  14. Obama sounded just like Karl Marx the other day, praising the Collective. I’m not sure if the country can survive another four years of him.

  15. And defending the teachings of the Catholic Church is not HATE Henry.

    Ok, good for Seballius today, even if she did it for her own selfish political reasons. Until she reverses all the other pro death stuff, every Catholic has ever reason to call her out.

    It’s not a coincidence that she has been publically removed from the Eucharist.

    If I must say, you seem terribly concerned about the sins of others as you managed to interject it into just about every thread, almost as if you do if for the fight, while wagging your finger at all us about “charity.” FWI, it’s a work of mercy to admonish sinners.

  16. Misrepresenting others is not how one engages apologetics, but it is a sure way to get people not to listen to you. Seriously, the hate which I see, the lack of charity I see, reminds me of the Publican and the Pharisee. It would be good we don’t go congratulating ourselves for how good we have been unlike that other sinner to our side! We need to really show charity, not push people away. The rhetoric is promoting the culture of death under the guise of being a part of the culture of life — that is the great lie and explains why it is ineffective!

  17. What Obama was saying was not Marxism; please, read de Lubac’s book on “Catholicism.” It would be a good foundation for understanding why the rhetoric of the American “right” with its claim of “Marxist collectivism” everywhere ignores the Church’s teaching of communion.

  18. Henry no one has “mis represented” Sebelius. She is both a public and catholic figure, and what she says and does matters. It’s our job as Catholics to point out the immorality of her and the Obama administration. For heavens sake, they just approved BEASTIALITY in the military under CIC Obama (just in case anyone isn’t aware of the gutter morality of this entire administration)

    I’m sorry you are so angry, and that we plebs are so annoying to you. I hope you find some peace, especially in this Christmas Season.

  19. Henry, I’ve read von Balthasar’s and Karl Adam’s. More than enough to know that what Obama is preaching is the furthest thing from Catholicism possible. Our country, by the way, isn’t based on Catholicism but the United States Constitution.

  20. Who said this country was based upon Catholicism? Once again, not dealing with the issue at hand. Communitarian teachings (as we find with the Church) are not Marxist. It is a false dichotomy that modern day American “right” puts into it, completely and utterly rejected by the Church.

  21. You should look to what you say; the hate, the lack of peace, is found in your words — you are needing to demonize people and, even if one claim is shown wrong, you don’t see any need for metanoia. That’s sad.

  22. Henry appear to have a distorted view of the Catholic Church’s Social Teachings, sorry, not buying your leftie rhetoric. I can’t remember the link/source but just read a week or so ago Pope Benedict’s reaction to your way of thinking. If I can find it I will link it. It was very good, written after the most recent “One world order per the Vatican” hype that was anything BUT the truth.

    I wish you well Henry, but no longer wish to engage you in debate. You are too sensitive to discern honest debate from “hate”, and I’m not looking for fights.

  23. So with the election in doubt and Obama needing the Catholic vote she throws a bone to the suckers who want to believe Obama is not anti Catholic. She said:
    “I do not believe enough data were presented to support the application to make Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age.”

    Will it be a surprise that after the election enough data will come in to then make it over the counter for all girls? It won’t be to me.

    President Obama is the most pro abortion president in the history of this country. He supported killing children who were still alive after an attempted abortion. Kathleen Sebelius is his the person who executes his abortion policy. Kathleen Sebelius is the chief abortionist of the United States. I stand by that.

  24. This was a reply above, but it deserves it’s own comment.

    So with the election in doubt and Obama needing the Catholic vote she throws a bone to the suckers who want to believe Obama is not anti Catholic. She said:
    “I do not believe enough data were presented to support the application to make Plan B One-Step available over-the-counter for all girls of reproductive age.”

    Will it be a surprise that after the election enough data will come in to then make it over the counter for all girls? It won’t be to me.

    President Obama is the most pro abortion president in the history of this country. He supported killing children who were still alive after an attempted abortion. Kathleen Sebelius is his the person who executes his abortion policy. Kathleen Sebelius is the cheif abortionist of the United States. I stand by that.

  25. So she decided that an eleven year old couldn’t buy it off the shelf, but she’s perfectly comfortable with that child getting an abortion as long as she’s got a prescription. That makes me sick. You seem to forget that she’s allowing the rest of this country to pick that pill up with no oversight. Frankly she’s for all abortions. Which type of abortions are you for? And that’s a direct question to you HMS.

    I stand by what I said. Read my reply to Henry or my new comment below. She is the chief abortionist of this country.

  26. Manny, that would be “pro-choise”. I totally disagree with you and your assertions. No one promotes abortion, not even President Obama.

  27. Henry, on this forum–unlike your own–you make yourself out to be more caustically partisan than Morning’s Minion. I don’t think this gives readers a very accurate picture of the depth of your own thinking, and I am 100% certain it does not advance the political causes you support.

  28. Sorry Pagan, but the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood state on their website that Obama is their PARTNER in their joy of his election. He has a zero rating with pro life and a 100% rating with pro abortion groups.

    On the abortion mill site on history, they rant about W. Bush as being against abortion and list all the things he did which most see as pro life actions. Their hatred of Bush is very apparent for he cost them some dollars and opportunities to slaughter a few more babies. Then they have the glowing tribute to their Partner Obama election and how the good times will now roll.

    When the abortion mills sing your praises, no one can try to say that this guy and his party are not the abortionist dream.

  29. I knew Henry would be here with this one. Keep in mind he fought anyone who condemned this action by the administration appointed FDA. Henry even tried to make this a W. Bush deal in his arguments. Now banned Catholic Sebelius makes this temporary stoppage and he wants us to hail her as somehow being pro life? This is pure political to give folks who vote for Democrat party of death wiggle room to again vote for this abortion loving PARTNERS of the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. It does not stop the sale of this abortion product and frankly does nothing to limit it sales to the 11 year olds. Remember, abortion mills are not supposed to give abortions to under age girls in most states and yet they have been caught on tape offering thier services and telling the girls how to lie while protecting the rapist who often bring them in to kill the child. They will get someone to buy it for them. And also she indicates this is only a pause as she wants more data. Right after the election, the data will surfice and those who used this to justify supporting this abortion team under Obama can act surprised like they did on all his other abortion actions since he was elected.

    I am beginning to believe Henry in reality works for the Democrats if not for the Obama team directly and posts here and elsewhere to fight anyone who says anything about his guy. do you do this for free Henry or is this a paid postion? I admit up front I will never support the Democratic Party as long as they are pro abortion and certainly not their abortion loving leader Obama. If all Catholics do this and make it known to the party of death, they will change or they will go away. That gives you a solution if you are really pro life. force them to change. If the people had done that when the party was the party of slavery, we might have avoided a civil war. If the people had done that while the Democrats were the party of terror of blacks with beating and lynching by their terror group the KKK, lives would have been saved. Now we have a chance once again to tell this lost party that we do not want abortion and can do it with our votes. That is as direct impact on abortion and this holocuast as any Catholic can face in their lifetime. Send out an email to the democrats now saying no more support or votes until they denounce abortion and stop supporting it.

  30. Actually, Caritas in Veritate indeed did suggest a world authority. And no, I don’t have a distorted view of Catholic Social Doctrine. The fact that you call me “leftist” says something. What is distorted is the way some around here think of the term “Marxist” and follow Limbaugh and Beck in interpreting it.

  31. Here we go with more of the same old meme. “Most pro-abortion president in history.” And then interpret everything in this light: if something is shown to contradict this claim, it is all a political trick. Conspiracy theory with its confirmation has now been demonstrated.

  32. Plus, let’s be clear. Obama said the reason why he didn’t support the legislation is that he thought there was no need for it — that once the child is out of the womb, it automatically is protected. You might think his reasoning was wrong and more protection was necessary — however — in all honesty one has to at least present his views, not misrepresent them.

  33. How am I being partisan? By saying we should show charity and not engage in outrageous, uncharitable rhetoric? The excessive way many people have attacked Sebelius — even after she did something good — is exactly the issue we as Catholics should be concerned about. On another forum, I’ve been defending Newt for similar reasons.

  34. Henry,

    It is not a lack of charity to believe that if Obama is re-elected, Ms. Sebelius, Catholic and a pal of the late Dr. Tiller, abortionist extraordinaire, will revoke her decision and approve Plan B over the counter for any female old enough to pay for it. Then she and Nancy Pelosi can go shopping at Nieman Marcus and perhaps stop for a latte with any member of the Kennedy family.

    Sebelius is what she is, Henry. She no longer has to prove it. If she does go to confession, it might be best for her to do so in the diocese of Albany, NY, where Governor Cuomo and his live-in girlfriend are always welcome to receive the Holy Eucharist at Masses said by Bishop Hubbard.

    Henry, we have enough problems in the Church without defending the likes of Ms. Sebelius. See things as they are, Henry–not as we might wish them to be. Next, you will be telling us Bill Daley would make a good deacon.

  35. The decision was temporary. It’s election season and Obama needs the traditional Democrat Catholic voting bloc this time. So he threw them a bone.

    But don’t think it was done for ethical reasons.

    1) Obama appointee “FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg made clear in a statement Wednesday that she agreed with the agency’s scientific reviewers that Plan B should be provided over the counter.”

    2) “The fact that Secretary Sebelius overruled Commissioner Hamburg and the FDA professional staff is unbelievable,” said Susan Wood, who resigned from the FDA because of the Bush administration’s handling of Plan B. “I cannot understand it, and I have no idea why this happened.” “She was one of several critics who accused Sebelius of bowing to political pressure rather than letting the FDA’s scientists do their jobs.”

    3) “We expected this kind of action from the Bush administration, so it’s doubly disheartening and unacceptable that this administration chose to follow this path,” NARAL Pro-Choice America said in a statement.

    4) Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) also said Sebelius should have stayed out of the Plan B decision.

  36. Donal

    People said she would promote what she didn’t promote, and the response is it is all a conspiracy to trick us? What’s next, Ron Paul really plans to become President so he can start WWIII? Seriously, this is not the way one engages productive political discussions and again, it is what promotes the culture of death. When you are unwilling to work with people, encourage them when they did good, and unwilling to admit you were wrong in saying they would do something they didn’t, you show why no one takes YOU seriously.

  37. So, every time a GOP candidate does something, should someone say “it’s all a conspiracy and they did it so they can reverse themselves later”? PLEASE PEOPLE — stop with the conspiracy theories, stop with confirmation bias, look to the real world where real things are happening. It is as if you want to FORCE them to act the way you say is evil to prove yourself right.

  38. With regard to beastiality – for it to pass lots of good conservatives voted for it or didn’t feel the need to filibuster it – so I guess it is the conservatives who are depraved? But please learn how our government works – it is the House of Representative and Senate that pass laws not the President – he signs them. Obama has not been my idea of a good President, but the Obama Derangement Syndrome that you and many others display is actually more scary than what Obama has done.

  39. Goodness, you are a sucker for rhetoric. He voted against it when others were voting to stop it. Whether it had meaning or not as a piece of legislation, it was presented as a position on abortion. He made a conscious decision to side with the most extreme abortion advocates. Where are his limits on abortion? Both Carter and Clinton had some limits. Obama has none. He is the most pro abortion president this country has ever had and Kathleen Sebelius is his chief abortionist for the country.

    What are your limits on abortion Henry?

  40. No, he believed it was not abortion and that the law already stopped any action from happening once out of the womb. We do have laws against infanticide already!

    The ones who are victim of rhetoric are those who will never look to understand but only demonize. One can reject reasoning, thinking they are wrong in it, without imposing some sort of secret meaning behind their reasoning.

  41. I can no longer reply to Henry in thread above, so let me repy here.

    There are some pieces of legislation that are statements of a moral position, whether they have legal power or not. When a politician votes to side with a particular moral position and then goes on to provide rhetoric that it didn’t really have legal justification, that’s political doublespeak for those who need a reason to support his vote, even though they are morally against what he voted for. Obama took the moral position of it being ok to kill babies that lived from an abortion attempt. He consciously sided with the most extreme advocates of abortion. That makes him the most pro abortion president in our history, and Kathleen Sebelius excutes Obama’s abortion policy. That makes her the abortionist in chief for the country.

    So Henry, you refuse to answer. What are your limits on abortion and does Obama and Sebelius reflect your position?

  42. I’m with Phyllis Zagano in calling for a way to make use of the positive aspects of this decision. I have to say that one of the most difficult issues I have faced in returning to the Church is what I experience as the stomach-churning invective of some professed proponents of the Gospel of Life. My mind understands that you are driven by passionate commitment, but the hatred and demonization and violent rhetoric are spiritual abortion, from which my heart and soul absolutely recoil. Just as we have seen some celebrity clerics who practice exorcism become seduced by the demon of pride, I believe some in the prolife movement have become victims of the demons of anger and death. How else could one sincerely believe that anyone–even the most profit-driven abortion mill owner–wakes up in the morning rejoicing at a political climate that allows them to slaughter more babies? When I see more compassion for the individual lives and complex moral choices of all involved in the tragedy of abortion, and more attempts to educate about and model the Gospel of Life in every area (especially the combox!), I will know we have truly moved in the direction God calls all of us.

  43. That is not logical — there is no need to continue to create new laws when laws are already there; that is a basic principle. For example, let’s see if someone, person A, decides to go on a crusade against theft. There are laws out there against it already. But he wants to create another law on the books. It won’t do anything, because the law already is there. He goes on how bad theft is. If someone else says “Yes, it’s bad and already outlawed,” can he just say “Well, you are pro-theft unless you keep adding more laws in the books? No.

    This is rather basic. Obama was a lawyer, and he thinks as a lawyer, thinks about not needlessly adding to the books laws which do not change things already there. What it does is just burden the system when more and more laws are made this way — it becomes junk. It does not say anything about one’s moral beliefs if they do not agree with adding more laws which they believe change nothing. They could be wrong, but again, prudential decisions are that way. It is again, an injustice and wrong to misrepresent the motives of others! Even if you think they are dishonest, you must treat people with respect and take them at their word! That is BASIC.

  44. That was the Born alive infant protection act that Obama voted against in the state senate. 99 us senators voted for this act around that time. What the said it that baby who survives abortion and come out breathing should get medical attention and a 2nd medical doctor should be present if this should happen. Obama thought this was an undue burden on the abortionist and the law was not necessary.

    This partly why Michelle was for partial birth abortion and wrote that letter. With PBA there was no chance the baby would be born alive because the abortion grabs the baby’s skull with forceps and crushes it, then punctures the baby’s skull with a sharp intrument and sucks out the babies brains with a vacuum pump. The bill to outlaw PBA was vetoed by Bill Clinton.

    compassion people, those Democrats.

  45. Oh Comon, time for a little reality check here. We have 4000 babies slaughtered a day and you guys are worried about touchy feely rhetoric?

    I suggest you go over to the Anchoress’s blog and read her fairly recent post of how “not nice” Jesus wasn’t at times; pretty good chance He would also have the same attitude for those passionate about killing the unborn. Yes we can still love the sinner, but being nicey nicey is in the wake of 53 million dead babies is anything but love.

  46. “This is rather basic. Obama was a lawyer, and he thinks as a lawyer, thinks about not needlessly adding to the books laws which do not change things already there.”

    That’s nonsense. They’re all lawyers. You’re looking to excuse Obama. It was a concious decision to side with the most extreme abortionists and he had to provide rhetoric to sucker the rest who want to follw him.

  47. You take it wrong. And I will never apologize for advocating compassion for anyone and everyone, especially those most in need of God’s mercy. Even you.

  48. No, you have made a conscious decision not to engage in proper distinctions, and you are looking for every way to demonize someone. It’s not Catholic at all.

  49. Believe it or not, terminations are just one of the many things that PP does for women, Mark, even though many refuse to admit that. I stand by my claim that most people are Pro-Abortion, including our President. If he supports the services of PP, that doesn’t automatically make him in favor of abortion. Perhaps he realizes that women need a place for a safe one if they (and it should still be their choise after being given options, IMO) decide to proceed with one.

  50. I hope then you are advocating for compassion to the unborn. I see nothing in the Obama administration that shows such compassion.

    As to compassion for the poor, you mistake Conservative positions. I certainly want to help the poor and I would even support some increase in what those dependant on the government currently get. But there is a balance between keeping people addicted to assistance and getting them the dignity of self sufficiency. And yes, that is dignity too.

  51. Manny, there was nothing political in any of my comments that would lead you to presume I support the Obama administration or condemn conservatives as heartless toward the poor. I was simply expressing repugnance at the demonization of everyone *but* the unborn that marks some of the rhetoric around the Gospel of Life, especially in comboxes. I am not a proponent of abortion, but I also do not believe that everyone who is is wilfully and gleefully choosing to slaughter babies. And I believe that personal engagement and compassion do more to change hearts than invective and demonization. I don’t ask that you share that belief, only that you refrain from indicting me as a baby killer and impugning my Catholicism for doing so. We have the same calling and the same goal. May God support us in it.

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