Newt Gingrich offers public pledge of fidelity to his wife


When the Iowa social conservative group The Family Leader unveiled a sweeping pledge on marriage and abortion over the summer, Newt Gingrich was one of the candidates who passed on signing it.

Now, Gingrich has answered the pledge with a lengthy written response, vowing to support a federal marriage amendment, reinstate the Mexico City policy — and, per the stipulations of The Family Leader pledge, to be faithful to his wife:

I also pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others.

He also notes:

I believe that life begins at conception.  On day one of my administration, I will sign an executive order reinstating Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy that prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions overseas.  I will also work with Congress to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood so that no taxpayer dollars are being used to fund abortions but rather transfer the money so it is used to promote adoption and other pro-family policies, and enact legislation that provides greater protections for the unborn.

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48 responses to “Newt Gingrich offers public pledge of fidelity to his wife”

  1. Wouldn’t marriage be a public pledge of fidelity to a wife? The issue is not making pledges, it is keeping them.

  2. I can already see where this thread is heading, killing the good for the perfect.

    I wish we could all get over Ronald Reagan: he’s dead, gone, and not likely to be coming back any time soon.

    We have two conservative “purists”, Bachman and Santorium, yet few are biting.

    Consequently, we have to take what we can get, and who will do the least amount of harm. We also have to stop living in the past.

    To requote Abe Lincoln, “If destruction be our lot, we will have done it to ourselves.” If history has taught us anything, it’s that we get the leadership we deserve.

  3. Klaire ~ I don’t anybody is looking for “the perfect” — I think we should be able to expect the honest, the ethical and the genuine, however. I’m glad that Newt is making a pledge of fidelity (which, of course, was actually made at his wedding). I am just concerned about: is he doing this because he believes it, or because he is now catering to a conservative base? If it’s because he believes it, why did he not do it when previously asked? Additionally, like the first comment said — making a pledge is easy; keeping the pledge is the important part.

  4. I can’t pretend to know Dcn. Jim, only hope that God and the sacraments might be working in ways via Gringrich that will shock us all, for better!

  5. He has to publically say he will be faithful to his current wife, #3? OK, that’s just sad. AND why would one feel obligated to do that? (because he wants to be the candidate?! YEP) Perhaps his lovely past wife record. More and more this man is annoying to me.

  6. I’m not sure who he’s appealing to with these sorts of statements, but Mr. Gingrich needs to stop. This pledge is ridiculous. In his earlier marriages, he was admittedly unfaithful. A public pledge now means NOTHING. Either he’ll be faithful or he won’t, as is true of all of us. His previous actions were what they were, and people can decide for themselves whether or not he’s truly changed.
    Personally, however, I’m tired of he and his supporters using his conversion to Catholicism as a “sign” that he’s a different man than he was before. Hopefully, that’s true, but he needs to stop using his faith as a convenient symbol to reassure people that he’s now fit for public office.

  7. I believe that Newt has already pledged his fidelity publicly when he exchanged vows with his wife. That pledge is the sacred one, sacramentally registered in Heaven before God.

    Anything else is less binding, less sacred, and less personal.

    And less relevant.

  8. As usual everything is a show with the opportunist the Newt-ron Bomb.

    As long as he feels poor children should replace the unionized janitors in schools so they can learn work skills and as long as he feels child labor laws are unnecessary, this danger can only be an embarrassment to our country and to the other countries that watch us for guidance.

    If Newt wants to make his “pledge” public, then there is no reason not to discuss his previous “pledges” that he broke nor should he feel offended.

  9. I’m a bit confused by your statement Dcn. Mike. While I ceratinly don’t have a love fest going on with Newt, I do give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just maybe, and hopefully, he DID/DOES have a real conversion.

    IF that be the case, than what could be more promising than a transformation not only in Christ, but in Christ in Catholicism, with the power of the sacraments? Like St. Peter and St. Paul, the two pillers of Catholicism, a true conversion would make Newt’s “past” simply the “past’, the “old Newt.”

    Imagine if it is real and we all blow him off as a fraud? Personally, I like having at least a bit of hope that it’s all real, consequently, not so quick to dismiss Newt and especially the power of the transformation via Christ.

  10. I am more concerned with his proposals. For example, his proposed tax cuts would require drastic cuts in spending to balance the federal budget. Congress cannot balance the budget as it is.

  11. I also hope his conversion is sincere and has made a true and lasting difference in his life. I will take him at his word that he’s now a changed man, transformed by his relationship with Christ and sustained by the Sacraments.
    What bothers me is how convenient it is for his political future to be able to trot out his conversion to Catholicism as a sign/symbol of the “new” Mr. Gingrich. I would prefer that we recognize his conversion in how he lives his life, how he conducts his political campaign, and the public policies he chooses to support. If he’s not significantly different from any other Republican or Democratic politician, what’s the point? Otherwise, his wearing his Catholicism on his sleeve can also be seen as a cynical attempt to win over certain voters and to distance himself from his past poor behavior.

  12. Well, there’s another way to perhaps look at this.

    If the country was convinced that Newt was a “real” Catholic, we would again be hearing the cries and concerns of JFK’s time. Since few or any are convinced, he’s right there in there in the ranks of Pelosi and Sebalius, at least in terms of what the majority in the country thinks of Catholic Politicians, pretty harmless from a “theocratic” point of view and “cafeteria” enough to make all in the caferteria feel good.

    In reality, the ONLY way a devout Catholic probably WOULD ever get elected in this country is for those doing the electing to not believe he’s a “real” one. Thanks to the examples set by the Catholic in politics before us, we all know how much America loves the cultural only Catholics, as it usually works to the political advantage of most.

    While in no way am I promoting theocracy, I am saying that this may well be America’s first chance to actually get a “real” Catholic in the White House, of which much good can come, and certainly without any threat of theocracy.

    For all Newt isn’t, dumb isn’t on the list. Again, I’m only saying that “Presdent Catholic Newt” might be the shock of the century, inspired by his beloved JPII.

    Just sayin’!

  13. Newt has the opportunity to follow the teachings of the catholic church. I trust his previous marriages were properly annulled if they occurred in a christian church. I also trust he is going to listen and speak out on the many cathoilc teachings of our Holy Father and our bishops.
    1. Bishop Gomez yesterday spoke out for just treatment of immigriants.
    2. The Holy Father condemned capital punishment.
    3. John Paul II encouraged the forgiving of the debt of third world countries.
    4. End abortion.
    5. Feed the hungry, support WIC programs and foodstamp programs.

  14. I don’t want to go into great detail on this — but I fear this comment might be longer than I want.

    First, I pray and hope his conversion is true. It would be a great thing. Anyone who converts, for real, is something to be happy about.

    Second, however, and this is one however: there is often the idea that a new convert is often needed time to properly learn their faith and to live it out, to let it grow instead of trying to present oneself as a great convert who represents Catholicism. Easy in– easy out (as many popular converts have shown). Thus, it is good to see his conversion and to wish him well, but beyond that, I think a sense of humility as a new convert would be helpful. Do we see that here? I don’t know — sometimes I think I do, and other times I think he is just trying to sell himself (and his movies/videos he makes).

    Third, those who have been forgiven much are expected to be merciful in return. Now, I applaud Newt in trying to find a merciful middle path for illegal immigrants (I don’t know if it would work or not, but it is better than what many others in the GOP have said). Here, we might see a sense of him having such mercy. On the other hand, what does he talk about things such as family values — he should show much humility here, if and when he talks about such things. His failures in the past and the forgiveness in the present would represent a good reason for this. He should know, more than most, the need for mercy! I hope she shows it.

    Fourth. This pledge concerns me. It really does. It seems to suggest he wasn’t seriously pledging this before when he got married. If that is the case, is he setting up the possibility (in the future) for another annulment? I hope not.

    Let’s wish him good will — I don’t like him as a politician (I mean, hearing him tell me how the US would be better off befriending China says quite a bit here) — but on the other hand, I wish him and everyone salvation and joy in Christ.

  15. “I believe that life begins at conception.”
    Which shows he has no actual biological knowledge. A statement like that is idiotic because you cannot have life, even a fertilized “conceptualized” egg without attachment as the next step in the development of life. And from there, there are a number of natural things that can not go according to plan–which is why approximately 48% of fertilized eggs never naturally make it to a born child.

    “I will also work with Congress to repeal Obamacare,”
    Even though Congress is the one that put it into place?

    “[…] defund Planned Parenthood so that no taxpayer dollars are being used to fund abortions”
    Again, he seems to know nothing of the things he speaks of. No federal money can go to finding abortions as it is. So he is pushing a non-existent issue and throwing out terms he knows people will attach to without any kind of thinking involved, let alone critical, factual thinking.

    As for his “pledge of fidelity”, what about the last two he pledged directly to the women he was marrying? Obviously that sort of pledge is one he cannot keep, but as long as he can get those who are more interested in flashy and catchy words and phrases rather than thinking about what people like him are saying versus what they have actually done, then that’s all that matters to him.

    [Bib: do you realize that by branding Gingrich’s statement that “life begins at conception” as “idiotic,” you are also dismissing the Catholic Church’s teaching on that subject as also “idiotic”? — Ed.]

  16. It seems to me that it’s perfectly acceptable for a candidate to respond to an organization’s request for a statement on issues of interest to them. The fact that he tells them he will be faithful to his wife cannot logically or fairly be taken to mean that he considers this statement more more binding or sacred than what he said at his wedding.

  17. I agree too. I’m going to vote for Romney in my state’s primary, but if it’s Newt, so be it. Like I said, Mickey Mouse can beat Obama right now.

  18. Life begins at conception. Biology bears that out. “Conceptualized egg”??? A concept is an idea. A fertilized egg is not an idea, it’s a human being.

  19. I will be upfront. I do not trust Gingrich.

    When he says, as he did at the debate last weekend, “I’ve made mistakes at times. I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness. I think people have to measure who I am now, and whether I’m a person they can trust.”

    My response to him is: ”through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.”

  20. Is there any truth to the claim that Gingrich did not actually sign The Family Leader’s pledge as Santorum, Bachmann and Perry did last summer, but provided a lengthy written affirmation of the pledge to the organization? It is now posted on The Family Leader website.

  21. That’s just what it says at the beginning of the blogpost:

    “When the Iowa social conservative group The Family Leader unveiled a sweeping pledge on marriage and abortion over the summer, Newt Gingrich was one of the candidates who passed on signing it.

    Now, Gingrich has answered the pledge with a lengthy written response, vowing to support a federal marriage amendment, reinstate the Mexico City policy — and, per the stipulations of The Family Leader pledge, to be faithful to his wife.”

  22. Henry:

    By definition, baggage is any number of bags, cases, and containers that hold a traveler’s articles during travel.

    But luggage is normally used in relation to the PERSONAL baggage of a traveler.

    I would use the term luggage, derived from the word lug which means to drag laboriously, for New Gingrich.

    I would say that he has a filled TRUNK of luggage.

    (I think you know by now that I am just “pulling your leg.”)

  23. Gerard, I would have thought when he exchanged vows with his other 2 wives that those would be sacred also, and sacrementally registered in Heaven before God. That didn’t seem to be the case.

  24. I agree, Newt is far better than Obama. Another Obamination term will severly hurt the USA for decades and mean doom for generations more of babies to be slaughtered with more supreme court appointments. We need more Robert’s and Alito’s and less of Sotomayor and Kagan. Lives depend on getting a solid pro life president right now.

  25. Newt support grows by the day despite the onslaught attacks. I think folks see him now as he says a person in his 60’s who has found solid religious belief to match his lifelong support of life and many believe this faith will give him everything he needs to sustain his marriage. The Catholic Church certainly approved of his conversion.

  26. Deacon Mike, he has for a long time been significantly different than those of the Democratic presidents Clinton and Obama. His life long record on votes supporting pro life are way over 95% and Obama’s is zero.

    Deacon, do you hold the same belief of all those who convert to the faith that they have to show you full proof of their actions going forward before you sign them off as Catholic? With his entrance into full communion with the Catholic Church, and his long term record on life and marriage between one man and one woman, he is further along that about 98% of all democrats in office as far as being in line with Church teaching. Give me a break.

  27. This pledge is to those considering voting for him, not his wife. He is pledging not to embarass them with this type of action. I am sure his wife is satisfied with his pledge before God in the Catholic faith.

    Politicians make pledges all the time. Some say “watch my lips, no new taxes,” and when they break the pledge, they pay a huge price. Those who do not support Newt seem to have no mercy or forgiveness in their heart. I think Romney should make this same type of pledge that he will not appoint a judge who is not pro life and who is not going to interpret the constitution as it is written and also to appeal obamacare and not to introduce any big government program solutions. Put all of this in writing and then it makes it easier to hold them to it later. I think it would in fact help Romney.

  28. Don, I think most Americans would support Newt on his idea to help inner city kids learn how to hold a job and at the same time bring some more money into their household. Janitors in New York City schools make more money on day one than teachers on day one and they continue to make huge salaries/benefits/pensions as union labor. Each school has multiple people holding these high paying jobs which in itself is a bit of a farce. The unions in the NYC schools even protect those who have abused kids as shown in the movie “Waiting for Superman”. One janitor less could help a number of inner city school kids. What many like about Newt is that he does think outside the box. I see you would rather see these kids end up in jails or running drugs and he wants to propose something to begin to change the failing system. What we do know is the many in these inner city schools are not being served well by the teachers unions and the democratic party and have not for decades.

  29. Will, the Democratic line thinking is that you keep increasing spending and keep increasing taxes to pay for it as if there is no end in sight. Now we are seeing the impact of that ongoing thinking for the past almost 50 years. Every time the Republican president tries to cut some of the massive growth in spending, they are blocked by the democrats who offer no soultions at all to social security mess, medicare mess, medicaid mess, welfare/food stamp mess, and now obamacare mess. All these programs were started by Democrats and all have cost many multiple times what they were projected to cost and all are filled by the democrats own admission with massive fraud and abuse.

    And every time the taxes have been cut going back to JFK, the revenues coming into the government have gone up. Care to guess the multiple on revenue in 1960 to 2010? Care to guess how many new agencies and how much new regulations is in place between those two dates and the impact on spending? We have reached a dangerous point in our country and we can see where this wild spending gets us with a view in Europe. Everyone worth listening to now trying to solve the issues in Europe advise against doing what they have done. There is no way to fund a socialist nanny state government and survive as everyone who has tried it has failed.

  30. Again, politicians make pledges all the time to those who they want to support them. He made his pledge to his wife and God. He is simply saying to those who are thinking about voting for him that he will not do that which concerns them again. Simple. If I were to hire someone and something in their past was of concern, I might ask them to agree in writing that they will not do this again even if it is a private relationship issue because of the impact it will have on the job he is being hired to do.

  31. I have zero doubt that Henry is an Obama boy and has been all the time and will be again. Obama has baggage that none of the Republican candidates come close to with his being a PARTNER with the abortion mills of planned parenthood.

    Check it out if you haven’t. This is baggage more than all the republicans combined. I doubt our Lord would have as much problem with Newt marriage failures, as bad as one might see them, as he does with Obama on the slaughter of innocent children in the womb. Never forget, he is the abortion mills PARTNER…

    Down at the bottom, it says

    On January 20, 2009, a new day dawns for reproductive health and rights with the inauguration of President Barack Obama, who makes clear his commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive health care for women and their families. With a partner in the White House and allies in Congress, Planned Parenthood renews its efforts to help secure reproductive rights and define health care reform for the 21st century.

  32. list of baggage for Newt? Just curious.



    ethics charge which most believe were pay back (democrats filed over 170) found guilty on one charge and paid it

    Won back the house of representatives from over 40 straight years of democratic rule

    Proposed all of the contract with america and fullfilled most of it keep his pledge

    Stopped HillaryCare

    Forced Clinton to sign welfare reform and helped balance the budget with Clinton in bipartisanship

    Too many ideas…Can’t have someone with too many ideas in a time where we have multiple numbers of problems that no one I can see has proposed any real solutions for yet.

    Sat with Pelosi and talked about global warming. Keep in mind while this was going on, we were trying to stop one of the biggest democratic plans on global warming and succeeded in killing it while not being easily labeled as hating the enviornment.

    I will let Henry and HMS complete the list.

  33. When you are 68 and weigh in the neighborhood of 300 lbs., it is hard enough to keep a current wife happy, never mind finding time to troll for a side dish. I will hold my nose and vote for Newt if I have to because even though he may be a tad iffy on life issues, he’s not a doctrinaire “pro-choice” advocate like Obama.

  34. “This pledge concerns me. It really does. It seems to suggest he wasn’t seriously pledging this before when he got married.”

    I don’t think it suggests anything of the sort. An organization in Iowa asked candidates to sign a pledge they had prepared. He didn’t sign it, but he responded to them with a statement of his own. Candidates are always responding to the concerns of interest groups and organizations. This group is concerned about marriage, so he talked about marriage.

  35. Fiergenut
    Nothing like posting a comment without merit or thought or even bothering to take on the issues. Was “waiting for superman” about Cincinnati?

    I could care less what goes on in NYC if it was not for the federal government and the courts pushing issues on a national basis and not protecting states rights. You seem to be talking about states rights here Fiergenut. Are you for states rights so each state can do their own thing? That of course is what the founders wanted until the liberal nut whacks and court legislators decided to change the constitution without bothering to vote on it.

  36. The Catholic church approved his conversion? Why wouldn’t they, Mark? Still find it real strange he felt it necessary to say what he did. And being in his 60’s has nothing to do with anything. I’m in my 60’s—and have been married 47 years to the same man, so —age on Newt doesn’t mean he has changed his basic self.

  37. Mark, the pledge is to those who might vote for him? Really? That is necessary? So he won’t embarass them? How would he embarass them? Personally if I was this wife, I’d be worried. The fact he converted to marry her really means nothing in the long run. He was a member of 2 other churches before this.

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