Obama, Clinton top most-admired list

The Pope made the list, too — but in single digits.


President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are the nation’s most-admired man and woman — again — in the annual USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

Each leads their category with 17% of votes in top 10 lists that favor the most familiar names in global politics, religion, entertainment and culture.

Obama supplanted George W. Bush at No. 1 in 2008 but Bush continues in the No. 2 spot, according to the poll of 1,019 U.S. adults conducted Dec. 15-18.Former president Bill Clinton hovers in third this year, just above the most frequently named person in the poll’s history — the Rev. Billy Graham. The 93-year-old evangelist has been on the list since Gallup first asked the question in 1946 and has made the top 10 55 times.Perennial runner-up Oprah Winfrey is No. 2 for women for the 10th time. It’s her 24th year in the top 10….

… After the first two or three names at the top of these lists, it’s a steep drop percentage-wise. Many make the top 10 without a lot of support.No. 5 Warren Buffett had 2% of the votes, the same as Bill Clinton and Graham but rounding set the order.

Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump tied for sixth place with 1% each, just a hair’s breadth above Pope Benedict XVI, Bill Gates and Mormon Church prophet Thomas Monson.

To see who else made the list, check the link.

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7 responses to “Obama, Clinton top most-admired list”

  1. I think this list should be re-titled the Most Recognized Person. My own list of Most Admired would probably not be familiar to anyone else.

  2. my nephew mentioned to me over Christmas the Mr. O is the most bi-partian president the US has seen – He has not been able to completely please either side. Where are our nation’s leaders ?

  3. Presidents always top these lists, don’t they? Not much different from the Catholic blogosphere’s annual “like me” fests, except in the latter, you can vote as often as you wish.

  4. Sadly, there are not too many people in the world who are both commonly known and admirable. An indictment of our times.

  5. Obama is very popular with Catholics. But why?

    “Most Catholics ignored the bishops who told them not to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Hispanic Catholics, who are touted as the future of the church in the United States, voted overwhelmingly for Obama and white Catholics split their vote between the two candidates. The laity repudiated Archbishop Burke’s description of the Democratic Party as the party of death.”

    “Cardinal Donald Wuerl, head of the Catholic archdiocese of Washington, D.C., issued a warning last week against the implementation of an Obamacare regulation that would place many Catholic employers in an “untenable position” by requiring all health care plans to cover sterilization and abortion-inducing contraceptives, in violation of religious liberty and particularly Catholic moral teaching.”

    Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo – “Catholic organizations committed to their moral and religious teaching will have no choice but to stop providing health care and other services to the needy who are not Catholic, or stop providing health coverage to their own employees.”

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