Saving lives, one homeboy at a time

For those who may have missed it, the great Fr. Greg Boyle (shown above) is about to become the first religious figure inducted in the California Hall of Fame — alongside such luminaries as The Beach Boys, Buzz Aldrin and Magic Johnson.

On top of that, Fr. Greg is also a finalist for the Opus Prize:

The Opus Prize is given annually to recognize unsung heroes of any faith tradition, anywhere in the world. This $1 million faith-based humanitarian award and two $100,000 awards are collectively one of the world’s largest faith-based, humanitarian awards for social innovation. Father Greg is one of the two $100,000 Opus Prize finalists, the other is Sister Rita Pessoa, R.S.H.M. from the Association of Small Rural Producers of Jacare in Filadelfia, Brazil. The $1,000,000 grand prize winner announced on November 2 at Loyloa Marymount University is Lyn Lusi from Heal Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A big congratulations to all three leaders —  “unsung heroes who are conquering the world’s persistent social problems, who have dedicated their lives to help tranform others.”

What Fr. Greg has been able to with Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles is nothing less than astounding.  Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  Check out their catalog.  This is a cause all of us can get behind.    For more, check out the video below.


  1. Fr. Greg is one of my true heroes. I have met him twice now and he is one of the most humble and unassuming people that I have ever encountered. He is kind and so sincerely dedicated to his “homies.”

    Anyone in Los Angeles should make a point of going to the Homegirl Cafe for some fine food and to revel in the presence of Christ in everyone who works there. Beautiful.

  2. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    I had the good fortune of meeting him last year, when he came through New York to promote his autobiography and we had him as a guest on “Currents.” In my book, he’s one of the greats.

    Dcn. G.

  3. justamouse says:

    Was he interviewed on CNN with Anderson Cooper? When AC asked him if he was afraid of being taken advantage of, and Fr. said he gave his advantage away?

    If that was him, that was a life altering sentence. He’s an amazing, amazing man.

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