Meet Jake, the Rectory Dog!

A reader in Vermont sent this my way: the story of a priest’s best friend, who happens to have four legs:      

The Rev. Charles Ranges and Jake, a small, 8 -year-old black and white papillon, have been a staple around Essex Junction for nearly four years. The two live together in Holy Family parish’s sprawling rectory on Prospect Street, providing each other companionship and humor.

The Burlington Free Press caught up with Ranges, asking him about Jake “the Rectory Dog,” and what a typical day is like for the two.

How did Jake come to live here at Holy Family with you?

Jake actually belongs to another priest, and he lived with him in Nicolle Hall at St. Michael’s College, but the other Edmundite priests decided he had to go. It was decided he’d come here.

What’s Jake’s favorite part of living here at the rectory?

He likes it when the doorbell rings and people come to visit. He likes the attention he gets from visitors. My secretary, Lisa, tried to put a Halloween costume on him, but he would have none of that. He did like to look out the window at all of the kids coming to trick or treat. He also really enjoys meal times and he also likes to ride in the car.

What does Jake enjoy about the Essex Junction community?

He really loves it when I take him for walks. The rectory is between Summit and Founders schools, and his favorite parts of the day are the morning and the afternoon when the kids come to and then leave school. He gets lots of attention from the school kids. He also gets treats from the school crossing guard.

What are your observations about Jake?

He adds a lot of attention from people, and sometimes people talk to him before they greet me. I wonder if Jake thinks I’m jealous, but I’m kidding.

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  1. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    A cute pooch. But of course, Border Collies are cuter. And smarter.

  2. pagansister says:

    My sister had a Papillion, named BooBoo. He was a wonderful companion to my sister. Guess the expression that “dogs are a man’s (or woman’s)best friend” has a lot of truth to it. I’ve never owned a dog, nor had a desire to do so, but many folks are dog lovers and are not happy unless there is one around the house—or parish as the case is here. :o)

  3. All dogs go to heaven (so I try to be friends with as many as possible).

  4. naturgesetz says:

    Especially with so many priests living alone, it’s probably a good thing if they have a small dog as a companion.

  5. What a cute story! My parish used to have a pastor who had a dog. We all loved the dog and it added to his ministry. I too think more priests should have pets.

  6. That is great! We have a rectory dog here, Grace. And that *was* her name before Father adopted her from the shelter!

  7. paul sparklin says:

    Nero the Pug and I have been together for 7 yrs. He’s great at providing comic relief and comfort after a long day at the hospital where i am the Catholic Priest chaplain.

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