Praying for Greta: “My wife continues to decline…”

Many commenters know Greta and her husband Mark.  The Anchoress last night posted this comment from Mark:

My wife continues to decline. She was not supposed to go to the march for life but insisted and anyone who has seen her post knows that stopping her on anything to fight for life has a hard task. She just completed her second round of chemo in her fight with cancer a few weeks back and the doctors did not want her to go. We did everything possible in arranging a private plane and rooms near the center of everything, but she insisted on marching and if you were there, you know it was wet and cold. She returned home with a cold and now is fighting Pneumonia. Her condition and age are not working for her. She was to have gone back for more Chemo in a few weeks after tests confirmed the need last week before she left. Several very good priests friends came to our house today and we had mass here with her and family and friends. She is being attended in shifts by many of the women she has helped in deciding against abortion. We just completed the rosary using the Pope JPII CD she loves with all our grandchildren. She is resisting going to the hospital, but believe she will end up there before the night is out. She has several doctors who have spent the Sunday with her that have also been in the fight for life with her.

Let’s remember this family and all who love them in our prayers.


  1. My prayers for Greta, for her family, friends and her medical caregivers.

  2. I LOVE Greta.

    God bless you Greta. Never doubt that you “fought the good fight!”
    I will offer my mass for you today!
    Love Klaire

    Thanks Dcn. Greg and Elizabeth for the info.

  3. My prayers are with Greta.

  4. Richard Johnson says:

    Thank you for the update. Prayers being offered for Greta, her family, and the doctors.

  5. Thanks Deacon and others. Greta did go to the hospital last night. I got an email from a friend who saw this post so taking a moment to say thanks. Things are not going well. Keep up the prayers. She told me last night not to ask for prayers for her, but to ask God to change hearts and minds to stop our country from keeping the holocuast of abortion legal and approved by our government. She believes changing that will begin the transformation of our country back toward God. I am selfish and want some prayers for her as well. She is half my heart, half my brain, and half my soul since the day I first realized I loved her.

  6. Mark, what a gift you have received in Greta. I pray for you and her asking that Jesus unite the pain an suffering you both are now experiencing to His redemptive suffering and that as always the will of the Father be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven. St. Faustina intercede for you and may the Divine Mercy of Our Lord be with you in these trying times.

  7. naturgesetz says:

    May God bless Greta and Mark, and may he turn the hearts of people to respect for all human life and to love for the unborn.

  8. Ronald King says:

    You have my prayers Greta and Mark. God Bless You.

  9. I am on my way to evening Mass. I will include with my petitions prayers for Greta, Mark, their family, friends and caregivers. I will light a candle for her.

  10. pagansister says:

    All positive healing thoughts for Greta, Mark.

  11. My prayers are with you both.

  12. My prayers are sent for Mark and Greta. We need you Greta, so make sure you get better.

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