Remember this? A classic Super Bowl ad from 1976 starring a monk

With all the buzz these days about the upcoming Super Bowl ads, I thought this one was worth a second look.  The quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s awfully clever.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. This first thing notices about the ad, is that it is 60 seconds long. Haven’t seen that length in a decade or more; second, how relatively few camera shots (only 16!) there are. Most commercials today are,if nothing else, sensory assaults. Sigh.

  2. To quote the cannibal chieftan, on seeing three religious singing happily in a pot of boiling water, “You fool! They’re friars!

  3. I would have to agree that “it was a miracle.”
    A series of little ones that led to bigger things to eventually the invention, and marketing of a copier. We miss that G-d is ever present, even in the most technical of modern devices.

  4. Deacon Alexander Breviario says:

    Deacon Greg,

    That was a great blast from the past. Did you see the size of that Xerox copy machine? It was enormous!

    Just think, today you can do ALL of that from the convenience of your home computer and a multifunction color printer…

    Truly amazing…


  5. LOL, that is a great commercial. Boy that Xerox looks outdated.

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