The Bark Side: Volkswagen’s inspired new Super Bowl ad

Clearly, designed to go viral — so allow me to give it a little nudge.   Those who remember this priceless spot from last year will recognize the theme: the Imperial March, a.k.a., Darth Vader’s Theme.  But you’ve never heard it like this.  Or seen it performed by dogs dressed as those iconic characters.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Oregon Catholic says:

    My dog didn’t like that AT ALL!

  2. Ha, my Brittany did like it!

  3. Too cerebral, and clearly digitally manipulated. I think last year’s commercial was light years ahead [pun intended] of this year’s.

  4. Clean humor; fun; and I even remember which car it’s selling. Better than the sleaze tv we’re constantly being exposed to.

  5. I can’t wait to show this to my 7 y/o son. He is such a STAR WARS FANBOY! I LOL at the AT-AT WALKER! HAHAHA! Hilarious! VW does it again!

  6. Loved it! My grandsons loved it too.

  7. I sOOOOoo don’t get it…

    :( kinda sad about it

  8. How did they teach those dogs to do that? :)


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